N7WAH Field Day

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We are preparing for Field Day 2018!!  
Field Day is an annual event sponsored by ARRL that encourages hams around the country to move
into the field, set up an emergency station and operate for 24 hours straight.
This year it is June 23-24, starting at 11am local on Saturday and ending 11am local on Sunday.
Come visit us at the Wahkiakum HS baseball field, anytime day or night.
You can try your hand at talking to hams from all over the country.
Our score we uploaded was 3790 points ... we will know in a few months how we did in the "contest" part.
ARRL Field Day info flyer

Link to map of our Field Day site at Wahkiakum High School.
It has six 60' tall light towers we can hang antennas from.  
We went with the category 2A, battery power, QRP, plus a GOTA station.  
Lead Staffing::  
Cheryl and Lynette KI7ORU and Mark AE6DI ... barbecue  
Pat KI7ORS ... internet  
Gordon WA6TTR ... safety officer and Station #2 lead - SSB  
Bob WB6AGE ... Station #1 lead, digital 
Steve K7SH ... antennas  
Ron W7ERY ...GOTA station lead  
Jean KB7AJY ... Historian and photography  

Link to article in the Eagle reporting about our 2019 Field Day success. And a link to some bonus photos !!

Link to article in the Eagle reporting about our 2018 Field Day success.

Link to article in the Eagle reporting that the County Commissioners proclaim this week to be Amateur Radio Week.

Clubs we are working with:  
Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Club  

Clark County Amateur Radio Club  
In addtion to many other fine links, they have a really nice intro for new hams.   

Wahkiakun School District Ham Club website with introductory Ham info