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In May 2018 we moved our "second Tuesday of the month" meeting from the morning time to the early evening.
We did this for the working amateurs in our county, and for new folks to be able to check us out.

We sponsored the school club in the ARRL School Club Roundup February 2018, and placed 13th !!
Our raw score wasn't very strong, but it is a start.

We held an Amateur Radio Technician Class at Wahkiakum High School, through June 8, 2017.
The test was on on June 22, 2017.
Everybody passed! Congrats to all and to Dave.
Contact Gordon at [email protected] for info on our next class.

Our club members set up a club station at Wahkiakum HS. We will be on the air,
with students, roughly every other Friday at 10:30am this entire school year. We are on:
440 - 444.300 repeater on Nicolai Mtn.
2m - 146.760 repeater on Nicolai Mtn.
2m simplex - 145.550
40m near 7270
Also look for us on FT8 on that mode's standard frequencies
Also look for us on PSK31 near 14.070 or 7.070
Also look for us on JS8Call on that mode's standard frequencies

We are in the national news, on ARNews Online, issue number 2805

Past Events in the News

Thank you Wahkiakum Eagle

Link to article in the Eagle reporting that the County Commissioners proclaim this week to be Amateur Radio Week.
EmComm assist from PUD - Thank you ... and Field Day announcement.
We begin evening meetings the second Tuesday of every month - 5:30 to 7:00pm, River Street Meeting Room
The high school club we support places 13th nationally in School Club Roundup Feb 2018
We start a club and station at Wahkiakum School District
Welcome four new local Hams after passing Technician test
N7WAH announcement on holding Ham Technician class
N7WAH sets up field station at 4H Super Saturday
N7WAH member saves injured eagle
N7WAH featured at career fair
N7WAH provides emergency communication