N7LT/BCN Pictures

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The old original beacon, a converted Hy-gain tube type CB! Phase I    Original Hy-Gain CB transmitter converted to 28.248.5 MHz that only lasted a little while.

1/2 wave converted CB ground plane for 10 meter beacon Converted CB base station 1/2 wave Ground plane antenna. (Phase one)

 10 meter beacon on top, power supply on the bottom Phase II    Top is the Beacon transmitter still in original Hy-Gain II case and below it is the old XT clone power supply.

beacon/ps on left, xt clone running beacon on right Original Beacon with the XT Clone sending the Morse code. Look close at the large picture and you can see the text and Morse code on the screen! (Phase two)

Hy-gain Cybernet CB boards converted to 10 and 6 meters and being built into a 19 inch rack. (Phase three)

Another view of the 10 and 6 meter beacons under test in their new 19 inch rack mount home. (Phase three)

Phase III    The completed beacon in operation once again!

Click here to see the actual measured output of the beacon!

Phase IV    The rebuilt beacon and computer with new converted PC power supply built into the 19 inch cabinet.

The 10 meter vertical is a converted 1/2 wave GP CB antenna tuned to the beacon frequency.  The six meter antenna is a converted scanner antenna to 1/4 wave GP on six meters.

  You've heard the beacon, check out what the beacon computer screen looks like from the transmitter end of things.