Joe and Lynn Giraudo

Spring Creek, Elko County Nevada

QTH (elevation 6,000 ft)

Ruby Mtns. in the Background (elevation 11,800 ft)


Our Interests:
Elko Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Emergency Services & Disaster Relief, (ARES / NOAA Elko, NV)

APRS n7jeh - n7jeh-7
Owner IRLP Node 3227

Youth Activities (JOTA)
Mobile Radio Operations, (HF / VHF / UHF)



ARRL Section Manager Nevada

Contact N7JEH


Supporting the Nevada ARRL Field Organization

ARRL Appointments held:

District Emergency Coordinator Northeast Nevada

Public Information Officer

Official Emergency Station

Net Manager - NV Section ARES HF Net
3965 khz. Saturday 08:00 Pacific Time

Supporting FCC Examinations in Rural Nevada, (ARRL VE)



2003 recipient of the ARRL Excellence in Recruiting Award