The N7FG Shack

N7FG Shack

The  N7FG shack shares space with the computer in the den.
A dedicated operating position and electronics workbench
are planned for the "spare" bedroom some day.

An ICOM IC-751, MFJ keyer and Bencher paddle handle HF,
 while a Kenwood TM-231A and a couple of old HTs do 2m FM duty.
The computer is now running PSK 31.

Several boxes of gear remain to be unpacked.  I wonder what's in them!

I sometimes miss the blinkenlights und smokenmachers of my earlier versions,
complete with the transformer hum and the smell of hot dust.


2004 Update

N7FG Gear

I've gotten the old Heath HW-8 QRP rig and the Accu-keyer back up and running.

Behind the N7FG sign is an MFJ-212 Matchmaker noise bridge
which helps to tune the random wire antenna.

A BuxComm Rascal computer interface (far right) has me fully up on PSK31.

The "spare bedroom" at least now has a work table for electronics projects.

The Homeowners Association has approved my putting up a vertical antenna...

N7FG is QRV!