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As a Fire Crew Foreman in the U.S.Forest Service, I lived with radios and decided to get licensed for Amateur Service.
If you have been following the news, you may seen the damage the Aspen Fire has done in the Catalina Mts. North of Tucson. We lost all of the communications sites on Radio Ridge above the community of Summerhaven, that was also destroyed.
Tucson is the home of Amateur Packet Radio. In my spare time I surfed the nodes and kept Steven Bible's Western U.S. Packet Network Map updated for several years.
Job changes and moves kept me off the air for the past few years. In addition to job hunting, I'm trying to find time for Amateur Radio, motorcycle touring, inline skating, building websites and flying Ultralight aircraft.
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My Professional Life
Supporting Wide Area Networks (WANs), Local Area Networks (LANs), Servers, and their users for fun and groceries.

My Un-Professional (Real) Life
Handheld Computers, (Windows CE), BOFH and more.

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My Other Lives

Flying Ultralights
A bird's eye view of your neighborhood.

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Freedom of movement and good exercise in town.

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