Brought to us by these very important copper structures:  three Beverage antennas 700 to 900 feet at SW, W and NW bearings.


And received by these happy recipients:


Guy Atkins ([email protected]) - Puyallup, WA     
Modified RA6790GM, R75, Kiwa MAP, ERGO software and DSP-59+ audio filtering.

John Bryant ([email protected]) - Orcas Island, WA

Tentec 340, Tentec 320

Nick Hall-Patch ([email protected]) – Victoria, BC

R8, NRD525, DX Radar software

Chuck Hutton ([email protected]) – Seattle, WA (editor)
R8B, AR7030, software that writes freq & time & bandwidth into a RealAudio file every 10 seconds so I never have to be awake enough to take notes!
Bruce Portzer ([email protected]) – Seattle, WA
Walt Salmaniw ([email protected]) – Victoria, BC
Collins HF-2050, AOR AR7030


Why might we be so happy? We stumbled on Inner Mongolia on 1458, Guam on 801, Vietnam on 783, and lots of other stuff. Read on…..
Here’s what the solar indices say:
Overall, we were pretty lucky. By all rights the first night should not have had good high latitude paths but things were actually pretty good. Go figure.
Guy Atkins Comments: 
Clams-- the secret to DX success? On the same evening Mark Connelly and other DXers enjoyed Cape Cod clams and tuned an abundance of TAs, our Grayland gang was hauling in Asian TPs and scarfing up a surprise snack of freshly fried Washington-style clams.
This past weekend was an official clam digging weekend, as clamming is only allowed on the occasional dates that the state government determines is appropriate (based on clam population and sizes). So, when the states says "Go for it", thousands of clam diggers descend up the beaches including Grayland. 
Early Saturday night, a group of clammers at the motel knocked on the door of DX Central (room #15) and offered some cooked clam strips in exchange for a peek at our radio equipment! A short Q&A session followed-- like usual, they wanted to know what the *\&*#! heck we were up to. Of course, there were the requisite comments like "Oh yeah, my brother has a ham rig!" or "Yep, I used to be into CB years ago... worked skip with some dude in Georgia!"
If it was clams on Saturday night, what brought in the parade of DX late Thursday evening? It must have been the fact that John, Walt and I managed to lock ourselves out of our #14 motel room at 2:00 in the morning. What's left to do but prop up the eyelids in DX Central, hoping the sleep depravation would be worth it? Fortunately it was-- many Asian and Pacific signals were logged and the DX lingered until much later than usual for this time of year.
Friday evening was good in it's own right for DX, but I just can't think of anything that would be responsible for it. There's an outside chance, though, that a low solar flux number and low "K" and "A" indices *might* have had an impact.
Mediumwave highlights for me included another log of V6AJ Kosrae (Micronesia) on 1503; a good "V7AB" ID on Radio Marshalls, 1098; a first logging of KTWG The Cornerstone, Agana, Guam on 801; and Taiwan's BCC Information Network from Tainan on 1539.
Because MW was so good I rarely ventured into shortwave, but the most interesting intercepts were the 300-watt RPDT2 Manggarai from Indonesia on 2960, and a good signal from recently reactivated R. Vanuatu on 7260.11.
Saturday's "Show and Tell" session was another high point of the DXpedition, and it has become a tradition at Grayland. This was an opportunity for everyone to present the latest DXing gadget they've acquired or talk about a particular technical topic of interest.
Best of all was the experience of sharing the ups and downs with good friends who appreciate our peculiar hobby. Even when DX conditions are poor, there's always talk, laughs, and wisecracks that makes losing sleep so much fun.
Next time at Grayland? I'm bringing my *own* clams, thank you.



John Bryant says:


Thursday, October 14 and Friday AM, Oct. 15


Guy Atkins and I arrived at the Grayland site in mid-afternoon and managed to get our traditional three Beverage antennas erected in the fog, just before the arrival of both dusk and most of the other DXers. We all spent a couple of hours connecting equipment, accessories, and arranging our DXing stations. For most of us, it was then off to bed for a few hours. We all planned to get up at 0900 UTC (2 AM local time) to check for stations from the Pacific nations and to celebrate sunset arriving in Japan and the Koreas. Usually most of us return to the warm covers after a half-hour of DXing to catch at least two more hours of shut-eye before dawn enhancement starts. NOT THIS TIME! Those of us who made that 2AM wakeup call were rewarded by being witnesses to the start of one of the finest DX experiences of our lives. When we tuned in, the dial was already full of fantastic signals. It took me a full hour to work my up the dial just logging the most obvious “usual” big guns. They were almost ALL there!!! After that first trip up the dial, things really got interesting. In the next six hours we were graced with more DX than we could possibly cover. . . though try we did! I logged 24 Japanese stations, with only one being a totally new one for me: JOMW-1071, Obihiro, Hokkaido, a small relay station for STV. My own interest for the remainder of the morning was the Middle Kingdom: China. By 1000UT, channels where we normally hear Japanese or just noise sported various Chinese dialects. Of the Chinese, by for the most interesting was on 1215. The programming was formatted very similarly to American popular stations-with commercials, promos, etc. Indeed, at the station ID. It seemed strange to this old Cold warrior to hear the terms “AM” and ”FM” interspersed with rapidly spoken Chinese. Thanks to logs of this station in September by Bruce and Chuck – and subsequent translations – we knew this to be the CNR7 network, with the actual station located in Guangdong Province near Canton, Shenzen and Hong Kong.Most of the DX faded out about an hour after sunrise in Grayland. However, a few of the strongest stations were detectable until nearly noon local time! This was particularly shocking, since we are neither that far north nor is it anywhere near mid-winter. For all for of us, it was truly a memorable morning!!! We were fortunate that the DX was so stimulating, since Walt, Guy and I had managed the nearly impossible… we all managed to lock ourselves out of our shared bedroom, Rm. 14 and would have been laying on the mangey carpet of Rm. 15, DX Central, had the DX not kept us glued to the dials.


Saturday, Oct. 16


Conditions on Saturday morning were in the same general “wonderful” range, but different DXing targets seemed to present themselves. Although I heard no new stations from Down Under, it was nice to hear several of the Big Guns… Down Under stations are most usually present during our summers, with things switching to East Asia about Equinox. I was very pleased by logging four new Japanese stations during the morning. Three were small relay transmitters of Hokkaido Broadcasting Corporation, including one that reportedly only runs 100 watts. The fourth new Japanese was the tentative logging of AFN Misawa-1575, at the Misawa AFB on the coast at the northern tip of Honshu Island, just opposite Hokkaido. The signal was running over/under VOA Thailand with almost continuous USA pop rock very late in the morning. The only other likely source of that programming would be co-channel and largely synchro AFN Sasebo, at the US Navy Base in southern Japan. I’m going to send a tentative report to Misawa and say a prayer. Saturday afternoon we held our traditional “Show and Tell” session with discussions of dawn enhancement and the latest in computer/DXing tools being highlights this year. Well known Oregon DXers, Dave Williams and Patrick Martin, joined us for Show and Tell, with Patrick bring along what has to be best collection of New Zealand QSLs ever amassed by an American DXer. Wow!


Sunday AM, October 17


Overall propagation conditions on Sunday morning were not as good as the previous two mornings; levels were down on many of the normal residents of dawn enhancement. However, the ionosphere still delivered some special, in some cases unique, DX on this last morning. My own highlight was listening to parallel Chinese broadcasts that were revealed on 828//1377//1593 after the early weekend sign-off of co-channel NHKs from Japan. One of these, the station on 828 (likely Beijing News Station) was totally new for me. Unfortunately, Guy and I had to quit before the very last of the DX died and missed some unique catches by Bruce and Chuck… oh well, the wise fisherman always leaves a few fish in the sea for “next time.”






153             RUSSIA 1014 10/17 woman in Russian fair (bp)

153             RUSSIA Komsomolsk. 1104 17 Oct. RR talk by man //279 etc. Good strength. (NHP-WA)

180             RUSSIA Petropavlovsk. 1227 15 Oct. Woman in RR //279.  (NHP-WA)

180             RUSSIA 1015 10/17 weak-fair //153 (bp)

189             RUSSIA 1015 10/17 weak-fair //153 (bp)

189             RUSSIA Blagoveschensk. 1227 15 Oct. Sounder, woman in RR //279.  (NHP-WA)

234             RUSSIA Arman. 1225 15 Oct. RR talk //279 in among the beacons.  (NHP-WA)

234             RUSSIA 1015 10/17 weak-fair //153 (bp)

279             RUSSIA Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 1222 15 Oct. RR talk by man.  (NHP-WA)

279             RUSSIA 1017 10/17 strongest LW Russian, woman w/piano music in background. (bp)

279             RUSSIA , 0931-, Radio Rossii Oct 15 Presumed logging of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and R. Rossii in Russian at fair level. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

355             ALASKA 1125-, Bristol Bay, AK Oct 17 NDB with continuous weather forecast at fair level. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

524             ALASKA Valdez, 0356 10/17 MNL beacon weak (bp)

529             ALASKA Level Island, "SQM". 0506 16 Oct. Just the code, fair, least interference on NW wire. (NHP-WA)

529             ALASKA Level Island, 1044 10/16 SQM beacon good.  Strong 0324 10/17 (bp)

530             ALASKA Adak, "ADK". 1151 16 Oct. Code, fair and dominant on channel.  (NHP-WA)

530             TURKS AND CAICOS R. Vision Cristiana Internacional. 0503 16 Oct. SS talk, ID on hour, best on ALA 100.  Fair. (NHP-WA)

530             TURKS & CAICOS, RVCI 0436 10/16 strong w/SS religion.  Fair w/religion 0325 10/17 (bp)

531             AUSTRALIA 2PM Kempsey assumed the one 1219 10/16 with a promo for the Saturday Night Party Time program. (Hutton)

531             JAPAN JOQG Morioka NHK1, Oct 15 1014 - Female and male announcers, parallel 594 JOAK Tokyo. Fair. (Atkins-WA)

531             JAPAN JOQG NHK1 Morioka , Oct 15 1039 - Noted here sporadically throughout the DXpedition, usually at moderate to good levels. //594. (Bryant-WA)

531             JAPAN Morioka, JOQG. 1208 15 Oct. Pop songs //594 in thunderstorm QRN.  (NHP-WA)

531             JAPAN Morioka, 1439 10/17 fair w/Japanese talk //594 (bp)

531             NEW ZEALAND 1XPI Auckland, Oct 16 0920 - Presumed, with usual fare of Maori-styled island music. Poor-fair. (Atkins-WA)
540             SAMOA SBS Samoan BCing Service (2AP), Oct 17 0941 - Island music, and male announcer in accented English 0941, competing with CBC station (relaying BBC) on 540. Seemed to be sermon in English with mentions about politician running for office, earthly versus spiritual pursuits, etc. Later, the CBC station was relaying a sermon also, which made identification difficult-- island-accented English sermon mixing with a British-accent English sermon! I had to review my recording a few times to sort this out. Good level during peaks on Samoa. (Atkins-WA)
558             JAPAN JOCR Kobe, Oct 15 0920 - Poor-fair signal of a male announcer in Japanese to Japanese traditional or folk music 0924. Best on NW Beverage. At 0926, an unid. station began to be heard beneath, at a very low level. (Atkins-WA)

558             JAPAN JOCR Kobe , Oct 15 1041 - Man talking in in JJ. Fair. (Bryant-WA)

558             JAPAN (t) Kobe, JOCR. 1200 15 Oct. Woman in JJ up to hour, followed by soft chimes leading to one tone on the hour, followed by more talk.  (NHP-WA)

558             SOUTH KOREA Jeonju, HLKF. 1300 17 Oct. KK talk by man at top of hour, but no ID; fair strength. (NHP-WA)

558             SOUTH KOREA HLKH Yeong-il 1315 10/15 parallel to 603, both at fair-poor level. (Hutton)

567             JAPAN JOIK Sapporo NHK1, Oct 15 0934 - Male announcer with possible news report, parallel to 594 JOAK Tokyo. Fair level. (Atkins-WA)

567             JAPAN JOIK NHK1 Sapporo , Oct 15 0910 - Noted in parallel w/other NHK1s throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-WA)

567             JAPAN Sapporo, JOIK. 1118 15 Oct. JJ talk poor in splash //594.  (NHP-WA)

567             JAPAN JOIK Sapporo 10/15 1340 fair and clinched by paralleling with NHK1 on 594, a real blowtorch here. (Hutton)

567             JAPAN JOIK Sapporo 1047 10/17 parallel 594. Somebody else there under Japan, likely South Korea. (Hutton)

567             JAPAN 1348 10/16 talk //594 (bp)

567             UNIDENTIFIED , Oct 16 0944 - Variety show or talk program with two male announcers in Kiwi or Aussie accent. 2YA Wellington? At 0952 I also heard a moment of Japanese talk, presumed JOIK Sapporo fading in. Poor-fair at peaks. (Atkins-WA)
570             CANADA CFWH White Horse, Yukon Territory, Oct 17 0340 - Over/under 570 KVI Seattle with oldies music and male announcer, parallel to 690. Good level; thanks to Bruce Portzer for tip on this. (Atkins-WA)

570             CANADA 0355-, CBWH Whitehorse, Yukon Oct 17 Thanks to Bruce Portzer pointing out Whitehorse cochanelling with KVI Seattle with CBC network programming parallel to CBU 690 Vancouver.  Unfortunately faded to nothing during the TOH news program. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

570             CANADA Whitehorse, CFWH, 0349 10/17 oldies show //690 u/KVI (bp)

576             JAPAN JOHG Kagoshima (assumed due to power) 10/15 1342 parallel to NHK1 on 594. (Hutton)

576             RUSSIA 0933-, Mayak Oct 17 Nice signal with Russian programming, presumably RV668 from Petropavlosk. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

576             RUSSIA Petropavlovsk fair-poor 1025 10/17. Low band Russians were all there but not at really good levels. I think there was just enough residual auroral activity from the previous day to weaken them. (Hutton)

576             RUSSIA 1022 10/17, Russian male DJ w/1940s pop tunes (bp)

585             JAPAN JOPG NHK1 Kushiro, Hokkaido , Oct 16 1500 - Time pips, network ID and after midnight program. Heard at fair/poor level //594. (Bryant-WA)

585             JAPAN JOPG Kushiro (assumed due to power) 10/15 1342 parallel to NHK1 on 594. (Hutton)

594             JAPAN JOAK NHK1 Tokyo , Oct 15 0920 - Noted throughout the DXpedition // other NHK1 outlets. Sometimes at excellent levels. (Bryant-WA)

594             JAPAN Tokyo, JOAK. 1116 15 Oct. Beatles song "Yellow Submarine", followed by JJ talk by man, good level some splash; completely dominant w/JJ talk by 1256. Still hanging in there, S6  w/piano mx 1614 15 Oct.  (NHP-WA)

594             JAPAN Tokyo, JOAK, 1233 10/16 loud w/Japanese World Series broadcast, could hear crows noise & PA system in background (bp)

603             SOUTH KOREA HLSA KBS 2, Oct 15 1325 - Female pop music, male & female announcers parallel to 558 HLQH. Fair level but fading in and out. Thanks Chuck Hutton for tip. (Atkins-WA)

603             SOUTH KOREA Seoul, HLSA. 1329 15 Oct. Man and woman in KK with musical interludes //slightly stronger 558.  (NHP-WA)

603             SOUTH KOREA HLSA Namyang 1315 10/15 parallel to 558, both fair-poor level but little slop. (Hutton)

603             SOUTH KOREA, 1441 10/17, good w/pop music //much weaker 558 (bp)

612             AUSTRALIA Brisbane, 4QR. 1255 15 Oct. EE teletalk likely this, in some splash.  (NHP-WA)

612             AUSTRALIA Brisbane, 1216 10/16 strong w/pop music, weather, DJ chatter //1548 (bp)

639             AUSTRALIA 8RN Katherine, Oct 15 1025 - Briefly noted at very weak, noisy level with interview, parallel to 2485 ABC network programming. (Atkins-WA)

639             CHINA CNR1 1513 15 Oct. Man and woman in CC //5030.  (NHP-WA)

639             CHINA CNR1 assumed the CC with good pips at 1500 10/16 but I did not catch the ID. (Hutton)

639             CHINA CNR1 very good 1528 10/17 parallel to 6030. Nice signal! (Hutton)

639             CHINA 1529 10/17 CNR2 good w/string of ads (bp)

640             UNID 10/16 0437 US or Mexican station w/ nortena music way u/KFI (bp)

647.96        RUSSIA Ussuriysk. 1317 16 Oct. Man in KK //7215; VoA KK relay; nil-poor.  (NHP-WA)

648             RUSSIA,  1344 10/16 good w/Russian talk, songs by Queen, Peter Paul & Mary, etc //7215.  VOR Korean service 1028 good w/Korean woman & piano music (bp)

648             RUSSIA (t)V. of Russia, Primorskiy , Oct 15 1048 - Tentative this in probable KK at fair level. Discussion. (Bryant-WA)

648             RUSSIA Ussuriysk, VoR. 1251 17 Oct. Piano mx //7355 fair-poor (NHP-WA)

648             RUSSIA 1034-, Voice of Russia Oct 17 Korean programming at strong level from presumed VOR with 1000kw RV445 Ussuriysk, Primorskiy krai (Russian Far East). (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

648             RUSSIA Ussuriysk good 1027 10/17 but my notes don’t say what programming – they relay all kinds of stuff and are listed as Voice of Russia in Korean at this time. (Hutton)

655             NORTH KOREA Pyongyang 10/15 1351 good with their usual dry music program ranging from marches to opera. (Hutton)

657             NORTH KOREA Kangnam, t. 1341 16 Oct. Man and woman in KK, no // (neither 3320 nor 3250 had same program, though same as each other). Poor-fair (NHP-WA)

657             NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang, 1308 10/16, angry Korean man //3250 fair-poor.  Good w/inst music //3250 1525.  Monster signal //3250 o/unid 1443 10/17 (bp)

666             JAPAN JOBK NHK1 Osaka , Oct 17 1203 - Noted here in passing with presumed news in JJ by male announcer. Fair level. (Bryant-WA)

666             JAPAN Osaka, JOBK. 1454 16 Oct. Soft instrumental mx //594; fair-good (NHP-WA)

666             JAPAN JOBK Osaka fair 1502 10/16 must have been the Japanese (it’s the only station listed) but I forgot to parallel it against the NHKnetwork which stays programmed into memory and could have proved it in a second…… (Hutton)

666             JAPAN 1525 10/16 phone talk //594 good (bp)

666             RUSSIA 1100-, Mayak Oct 17 Mayak IS at 10:59 from presumed Komsomolsk, Khabarovskiy, which is listed as silent (at least in 2001).  Cochannel Japanese NHK1 Osaka JOBK. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

675             CHINA Chinese Unid , Oct 15 1520 - Chinese talk NOT // 4000 or 6045 kHz., so likely not Nei Menggu. I suspect this was the listed Shanghai Traffic Station. Fair to poor level at band fade. (Bryant-WA)

675             SOUTH KOREA, 1311 10/17, Korean talk fair in splat (bp)

675             UNID 1533 10/17 unid strong w/talk in unid language & Asian pop tunes, likely Vietnam but need to confirm language (bp)

675             VIETNAM (t) Hanoi good+ (!) on peaks with pop mx at 1534 to 1547 10/17 at the end of the dawn enhancement. No ID this time, and too far away from the top of the hour to hang around for an ID. Mixing with someone else, likely Japan. (Hutton)

684             AUSTRALIA 1220 10/16 fair w/pop music //1548 (bp)

684             FIJI R. Fiji 1, Oct 17 1214 - Soft island vocals fading in at 1214; best on SW Beverage. (Atkins-WA)

684             FIJI Radio Fiji 1 Labasa (p) , Oct 17 1215 - Presume this with nice isl. music at fair level. (Bryant-WA)

684             FIJI 1240-, Radio Fiji 1 Oct 17 Good reception, except for the splatter from adjacent channels, with south islands music.  Almost armchair at 12:44.  I could listen to this soothing music all day!  None of the other Fiji 1 outlets audible.  Female announcer at much lower modulation at 1245.  Unfortunately faded right down at the TOH to prevent a positive ID. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

684             FIJI (t) Labasa with island mx 1229 10/17. Later, fair+ religious sounding mx. The only Fijian that I noted, assuming it truly was Fiji. (Hutton)

684             FIJI 1221 10/16 island music faded atop Aussie (bp)

693             JAPAN JOAB Tokyo NHK2, Oct 15 1120 - Very good signal of male announcer with Japanese talk, and parallel 747 and 774. Noted at good levels all three nights of DXpedition. (Atkins-WA)

693             JAPAN JOAB NHK2 Tokyo , Oct 15 0912 - Noted here at good level //774, with usual NHK2 programming. (Bryant-WA)

693             JAPAN Tokyo, JOAB. 1128 15 Oct. Man talking //693, but sounded almost KK //828 also.  (NHP-WA)

693             JAPAN Tokyo, JOAB, 1032 10/17 woman in Japanese w/inst music (bp)

702             AUSTRALIA 2BL Sydney , Oct 16 1233 - Sports talk by two men with DU accents and mentions of Australia at fair level. (Bryant-WA)

702             AUSTRALIA Sydney, 2BL. 1104 16 Oct. Aussie male talk //774 poor-fair. (NHP-WA)

702             JAPAN NHK2 Syncros , Oct 15 1039 - Noted in passing at fair level //774. Probably the Kitami, Hokkaido outlet. (Bryant-WA)

702             JAPAN Kitami, JOKB. 1133 15 Oct. JJ talk by man //774, likely this one of the two.  (NHP-WA)

702             JAPAN JOFB Hiroshima and JOKD Kitami 1059 10/17 parallel to 774 NHK2 but mixing with an unid. (Hutton)

711             SOUTH KOREA, Seoul, 0937 10/17 fair //3930 w/Korean talk in  KIRO splat 0937 (bp)

720             HAWAII Elelele, 1245 10/16, assume was the one w/Hawaiian music, practically the only trace of Hawaii this weekend (bp)

720             UNID 0940 10/17 sounded like Russian talk & pop music, not //R Rossii 7140 u/KDWN (bp)

729             JAPAN JOCK Nagoya 10/15 1352 fair and parallel to NHK1 on 594. (Hutton)

738             AUSTRALIA 2NR Grafton, Oct 16 1024 - Apparent panel discussion between man and woman, parallel to 828 3GI Sale. Poor signal. (Atkins-WA)

738             AUSTRALIA 2NR Grafton , Oct 16 1234 - Talk programming with DU-accented men noted in passing here at good level. (Bryant-WA)

738             FRENCH POLYNESIA, Papeete, 0410 10/16 fair w/island music (bp)

738             TAIWAN BEL2 1016 10/17 poor but parallel 1143 and 1593. (Hutton)

738             UNID fair with pips at 1400 and “…. guangbo dientai” ID on the hour. I couldn’t catch the complete ID and can’t tell if it is Taiwan or China. (Hutton)

747             JAPAN JOIB NHK2 Sapporo , Oct 15 0915 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. Often excellent level. (Bryant-WA)

774             AUSTRALIA Melbourne 3LO. 1024 16 Oct. Mentions of Australia by man //702, trading places w/NHK lessons; poor-fair. (NHP-WA)

774             AUSTRALIA 1233-, 3L0 ABC Melbourne Oct 16 Interesting clash with normally dominant JOUB NHK2 from Akita.  The Aussie is mostly dominating this morning with a call-in program. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

774             CHINA Hubei RGD 1541 10/17 available for reception due to the NHK2 stations signing off at 1500. Fair level, and assumed as it’s the only Chinese station listed. (Hutton)

774             CHINA 1529 10/17 unid with Chinese talk (bp)

774             JAPAN JOUB Akita NHK2, Oct 15 1340 - Excellent, clear signal of business English lessons, parallel to 1152. At 1640, Nick Hall-Patch found JOUB going into their signoff with ID, so I tuned in to 774 in time to catch the Japanese national anthem and music box closing tune 1645*. Good signal, even at 2-1/4 hours past local sunrise! On Oct 17 at 1500* sign-off, 'JOUB' ID, anthem, and music box tune was heard at very good level. (Atkins-WA)

774             JAPAN JOUB NHK2 Akita , Oct 15 0913 - Main NHK2 signal throughout the DXpedition. Somethines running 20 and 30 over S-9. (Bryant-WA)

774             JAPAN Akita, JOUB. 1640 15 Oct. Amazing S7 signal, then sign off with call ID, anthem and mx box.  (NHP-WA)

774             JAPAN 1643-, JOUB NHK2 Oct 15 Sign off procedure.  Over 2 hours past local sunrise, Nick Hall-Patch noted the call sign.  I missed that but noted the slow Xylophone sign off tune until 1645.  There's still an open carrier, but not sure if it's them or someone else.  An incredible morning for China, Japan and Korea!. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

774             JAPAN Akita, JOUB, 0955 10/16, fair w/English lesson about astronomy, said it's unlikely a comet would hit the earth any time soon (that's a relief), 3LO in background.  Italian lessons 1418 10/16.  Strong w/time pips & Porguguese program 0900 10/17.  Local ID 1319:50 10/17 (bp)

783             CHINA Zhonggou Huayan BC mixing with Vietnam at fair level 1544 10.17 with a parallel to 6185 to clinch it. (Hutton)

783             CHINA Fuzhou, 1544 10/17 Chinese phone talk //6185SW, then faded under Vietnam (bp)

783             VIETNAM Thoi Long 1540 10/17 the surprise of the morning. Fair to fair – level mixing with someone (Chinese?) on 783 but easily paralleled to 5925 by Bruce Portzer to nail this one. (Hutton)

783             VIETNAM 1550-1553 10/17, Asian music & woman in SE Asian language //5925SW (bp)

792             NEW ZEALAND Radio Sport, Hamilton, Oct 16 1030 - Kiwi male announcer with Radio Sport ID at 1031. Couldn't locate any parallels, though. (Atkins-WA)

800             ALASKA Juneau, KINY, 0357 10/17 "Super Gold" oldies show, legal ID 0400 (bp)

801             GUAM(?), 1513 10/16, US religion, strong at first, then faded, probably much-wanted KTWG (bp)

801             GUAM KTWG The Cornerstone, AM 800, Agana, Oct 16 1510 - Religious/family program in English, with two men discussing dealing with the death of an infant, and finding support through Scripture. Fading signal 1513, but back up at 1517, with references to the death of King David's child and how he dealt with the loss. Still in at 1553 with sermon. Good level during peaks in the signal. Pleased to catch this station in Guam-- thanks to Chuck Hutton for tip. (Atkins-WA)

801             GUAM 1510-, KTWG Oct 16 American religious programming at a very strong level before fading into near oblivion.  KTWG now 24 hours (thanks to John Bryant for pointing out the change, and to Chuck Hutton  for pointing out the station!. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

801             GUAM KTWG Agana at fair+ level (!) with religious program in US English 1505 10/16. Listed as being off earlier but John Bryant mentioned they are now 24 hours. A nice surprise for me and a new station – Guam is a tough catch from Grayland. (Hutton)

819             NORTH KOREA KCBS Pyongyang , Oct 15 1056 - Noted in passing at fair level. KK talk by males. (Bryant-WA)

819             NORTH KOREA Pyongyang very good 1411 10/15 parallel 2850, and the MW outlet was better! (Hutton)

819             NORTH KOREA, 1122 10/17 Korean talk fair (bp)

828             CHINA CNR1, Oct 17 1506 - After JOBB Osaka's sign-off, a weak Chinese station with male & female announcers was found left on the frequency (parallel 1377), with an even weaker 3rd station playing slow music on a vibraharp or xylophone. (Atkins-WA)

828             CHINA Beijing News Station (p) , Oct 17 1503 - While monitoring the post 1500UT sign-off of Japan's NHK2 network, I noted CC programming behind NHK2 on 828, 1377 and 1593. After NHK2 cleared those frequencies, it became apparent that all three were // with news in CC. At 1510, the CNR1 stations continued in parallel, but presumed Beijing News did not. Moderate level at best, a half-hour after Grayland Sunrise. (Bryant-WA)

828             CHINA 1518 10/17, unid Chinese talk good after JOBB signoff, faded by 1520.  Posssibly Beijing.  Chinese time pips 1600, but too much splatter to get a vocal ID (bp)

828             JAPAN JOBB Osaka NHK2, Oct 15 1157 - Female talk in Japanese to 3+1 time pips and 'NHK' IDs at 1200. Parallel 774 and 747. Very good signal. I also caught JOBB on Oct 17 during their NHK2 sign-off at 1500*, parallel to JOUB 774's sign-off. (Atkins-WA)

828             JAPAN JOBB NHK2 Osaka , Oct 15 0915 - Heard throughout the DXpedition, sometimes at excellent levels.// all of the other NHK2s. (Bryant-WA)

828             JAPAN Osaka, JOBB. 1346 15 Oct. Business English lessons; monstrous signal S9+20.  (NHP-WA)

828             JAPAN JOBB Osaka with good EE lessons1405 10-15. (Hutton)

828             JAPAN Osaka, JOBB, 1305 10/16 loud //774 etc bp)

846             KIRIBATI R. Kiribati, Oct 17 0920 - Presumed with island music peaking at fair level, while Kosrae V6AJ was also in. (Atkins-WA)

846             KIRIBATI Tarawa, 0925 10/17 island music fair (bp)

855             AUSTRALIA UNID. Metro Service, Oct 16 1038 - Male announcer with play-by-play sports coverage, with another male commentator. Language sounded English, but I'm not positive. Very low level signal. At 1050 recheck, 855 was found parallel to 702 2BL Sydney and 891 5AN Adelaide with more sports coverage. Who is this on 855?. (Atkins-WA)

855             CHINA CNR2 Synchros , Oct 15 1059 - Classical Chinese music to TOH, then CNR time pips and into presumed news in Standard CC. Fair to poor. (Bryant-WA)

855             NORTH KOREA NK. 1307 15 Oct. Likely this with KK talk by man and woman; actually 855.06 accounting for hum often heard on channel.  (NHP-WA)

855             NORTH KOREA Sangwon 1405 10/15 very good! They usually are not a powerhouse signal – they’ve declined over the years it seems. (Hutton)

864             JAPAN Fukui, JOPR. 1423 16 Oct. Woman talking // 1332 in mix; some splash also poor-fair. (NHP-WA)

864             JAPAN 1420 10/18 jumble of stations, none was //1287, one //1332, Chinese talk in there as well (bp)

873             JAPAN JOGB Kumamoto NHK2, Oct 15 1205 - Two men in Japanese with interview or discussion, parallel to 774. Fair-good level. (Atkins-WA)

873             JAPAN Kumamoto, JOGB. 1339 15 Oct. EE lessons over/under growl //774.  (NHP-WA)

873             JAPAN JOGB Kumamoto 1130 10/17 at poor level in spite of listed 500 kw, a power which ought to make them local-like here. (Hutton)

873             JAPAN Kumamoto, JOGB, 1342 10/16 fair w/language lessons //774 (bp)

873             RUSSIA Khabarovsk russia. 1130 17 Oct. Chimes on half hour, then RR talk by man.  Poor-fair. (NHP-WA)

873             UNID 1554 10/17, talk in unid language, then rousing March music strong.  Need to replay recording and ID the language (bp)

873             unID  1300 15 Oct. 3 & 1 pips on hour, likely JJ but still not much audio, then off-frequency growl started to dominate.  (NHP-WA)

890             ALASKA Homer, KBBI, 1424 10/16 good w/NPR news (bp)

891             CHINA unid 1557 10/17 fair, ID at the top of the hour as “xxxx guangbo dientai” but I can’t decipher it. (Hutton)

891             JAPAN JOHK NHK1 Sendai , Oct 15 1115 - Atypical NHK 1 programming heard this morning with the 'Yellow Submarine' standard by the Beatles on the 15th and the Japanese World Series at about this time on 10/16. Very good level at times. (Bryant-WA)

891             JAPAN Sendai, 1607 10/16 fair //594 o/presumed Thailand (bp)

891             THAILAND Nong Khae assumed the source of talk in a language I could not recognize, plus music of a different sort. This was fair to good in full sunrise 1612 10/16. I only hear this stn at sunrise – the rest of the time, it is Korea, Japan or Fiji. (Hutton)

891             THAILAND Bangkok, 1608 10/16, probably the one w/exotic music & talk in SE Asian language (bp)

900             UNID 1037 10/17 woman in Chinese weak but dominant on  NW wire, don't think it was CKMO (bp)

908             JAPAN JOCB Nagoya 10 kw NHK2 1443 10/16 parallel to the NHK2 net, fair level. Next goal on 909: the 5 kw Japanese STV station that is parallel 1440 which is pretty easy DX itself – often on top of 1440 domestics. (Hutton)

909             JAPAN Nagoya, JOCB. 1430 16 Oct. Italian lessons w/accordian interlude //774.  Poor-fair (NHP-WA)

909             JAPAN 1426 10/16, Italian lessons poor in splat //774 (bp)

918             SOUTH KOREA Yeoncheon KBS1 poor 1130 10/15 and hard to follow but seemingly // 711 which is my reference point for KBS1. Not heard before. (Hutton)

918             SOUTH KOREA Yeoncheon 1115 10/17 fair-poor but ID’ed by being parallel 711. (Hutton)

930             ALASKA 1657-, KTKN Oct 15 Good clean S7 to S9 signal with mentions of Ketchikan and KTKN.  Political ad for Jim Elkin.  ABC news at TOH, but no local ID. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

936             CHINA Anhui RGD 1, Oct 15 1227 - Presumed with Chinese language fading in and out; male and female announcers. (Atkins-WA)

936             CHINA Anhui RGD (presumed) , Oct 15 1108 - Presume this in standard CC, with talk by man and woman. Sounded like a news cast. Only fair level. (Bryant-WA)

936             JAPAN JO??. 1551 16 Oct. Pop mx //1287, but two stations listed after 1500UT; JOTR Akita more likely nil-poor (NHP-WA)

936             SOUTH KOREA KBS 3 'Voice of Love', Oct 17 1438 - Tentative. Low level talk in possible Korean and soft music, seemingly parallel to 1224. A real jumble barely above threshold on 1224, making paralleling very difficult. (Atkins-WA)

936             UNID and interesting 10/15 from around 1520 to 1540. US pop mx, a bit of tele-talk, and more talk in a lang that did not seem Chinese or Japanese but I could not get further. No real likely candidates here. (Hutton)

945             CHINA CNR1. 1520 15 Oct. Man and woman in CC //5030 but slightly delayed.  (NHP-WA)

945             CHINA CNR, 1423 10/17 pop song & Chinese talk //4460, good signal but heavy domestic splatter (bp)

963             CHINA Govorit Pekin , Oct 15 1357 - China's Foreign Service to Russia is the dominant station on this frequency from Grayland and from my home on the Canadian/US border this season. During the Grayland DXpedition, the signals were sometimes quite good. (Bryant-WA)

963             CHINA CRI. 1341 15 Oct. RR talk by man and woman //5915, somebody slightly off channel.  (NHP-WA)

963             CHINA CRI, 1119 10/17 fair in splat //1323 (bp)

972             SOUTH KOREA HLCA KBS Radio Liberty 1, Oct 15 1109 - Very strong level of female announcers in Korean. Also heard Oct 16 with strong signal at 1115, and Oct 17 at 1231 (with Merengue music sung in Korean!). (Atkins-WA)

972             SOUTH KOREA HLCA Dangjin , Oct 15 2313 - KBS programming heard throughout the DXpedition. Once or twice to 20 and 30 over S-9. True studio quality. (Bryant-WA)

981             CHINA CNR1 stations fair 1441 10/16 parallel to 6030. Quite a noticeable echo assumedly from satellite delivery. (Hutton)

981             CHINA CNR1, 1432 10/16 fair in splat w/dreamy music //6030.  Echoey signal, apparently getting 2 or more outlets 1117 10/17 (bp)

990             JAPAN JORK Kochi NHK1, Oct 15 1248 - Quick fades in and out, with male talk in Japanese. Noted parallel 594. Mixing with Mexican station. (Atkins-WA)

999             UNID Chinese type flute music poor at 1137 10/17. A little later, talk to fair+ level. Mixing with a second station at 1156. All should be interesting – this is not a channel where TP’s roll in. (Hutton)

999             UNID 1209 10/17, woman in unid language, possibly Chinese, in bad KOMO splat (bp)

1008           JAPAN JONR Osaka , Oct 16 1239 - Noted here at good level with JJ sporting event. I believe that this was the league championship series of Japanese basu baru. (Bryant-WA)

1008           JAPAN Osaka, JONR, 1339 10/16 w/Japanese pop music (bp)

1008           NEW ZEALAND Tauranga, 0951 10/16, phone talk //1035 fair (bp)

1026           CHINA Beijing, 1427 10/17, string of ads, "Beijing Jinli Guangbo Dientai" ID by woman fair-good, thenfaded under another Chinese station (bp)

1035           NEW ZEALAND 2ZB Wellington (pres.) , Oct 16 1242 - Presume this with typical NewsTalk ZB format at fair level. (Bryant-WA)

1035           NEW ZEALAND Wellington, 0948 10/16 nice w/talk show & ads (bp)

1035           SOLOMON ISLANDS SIBC Honiara, Oct 17 1107 - Poor-fair signal with BBC news report from Bagdad, parallel to 5019.9 BBC relay. A few minutes earlier I listened to SIBC's local sign-off on shortwave, and there was no sign of 1035 MW then. Thanks Walt Salmaniw for tip. (Atkins-WA)

1035           SOLOMON ISLANDS, 1102-, SIBC Oct 17 Weakly audible with relay of BBCWS news in English in parallel to SW 5019.87.  Impossible without checking the SW which was at very good level.  Again audible in parallel at 11:25.  945 not heard. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1044           CHINA CRI JJ FS Changzhou , Oct 15 1130 - CRI Japanese Service heard here at good level with time tone at half-hour and then female talk in JJ //7190. Heard also on 16th. (Bryant-WA)

1044           CHINA CRI Chamgzhou assumed the Chinese at fair level 1320 10/15. Mixing with something else that seems to be Korea; 2 KBS1 outlets at 10 kw each are listed. (Hutton)

1044           CHINA Shanghai, 1000 10/17, man & woman in Japanese //7190 fair (bp)

1044           SOUTH KOREA HLCD KBS 1, Oct 15 1318 - Heard with female announcer and orchestral music, parallel to 1089 HLCH. After 1320, a Chinese station was heard mixing with the KBS station, then dominated the frequency. Fair-good, but quick fades into the noise. (Atkins-WA)

1044           SOUTH KOREA HLCD & HLCI seemingly // 1089 at 1320 10/15. I’m not 100% convinced yet – gotta listen to the tapes again. (Hutton)

1053           JAPAN JOAR Nagoya, Oct 15 1328 - Up and down signal beneath strong Korean jammer. Pop music and announcers in Japanese, and parallel to 1062. Must have been a music countdown program, as announcers mentioned 'today's number one...' and 'number four' in English. Good on peaks. (Atkins-WA)

1053           JAPAN Nagoya, JOAR. 1141 15 Oct. JJ talk by man; was still at S6 w/woman in JJ at 1653, over two hours after sunrise.  (NHP-WA)

1053           SOUTH KOREA, 1043 10/17 jammer good (bp)

1053           SOUTH KOREA Jammer , Oct 15 0920 - Heard throughout the DXpedition. Often very strong. (Bryant-WA)

1053           SOUTH KOREA jammer. 1131 15 Oct. dominant, over JJ talk.  (NHP-WA)

1062           PHILIPPINES DZEC Manila , Oct 15 1126 - Heard at fair level with a phone-in program in Tagalog. Heard most of the rest of the morning. (Bryant-WA)

1062           SOUTH KOREA Ch'ongju, HLKQ. 1435 15 Oct. Man in KK //3930.  (NHP-WA)

1062           UNID 1558 10/16 fair music and talk as the last of the sunrise rush disappeared. 3 low and 1 high pips on the hour but could not catch the ID. (Hutton)

1062           UNIDENTIFIED , Oct 15 1125 - Tagalog-sounding male announcer; mixing with unid. R&B music station 1128; slowly rising to the top again 1129. Definite Japanese language also on frequency... a real mess here at a low level, peaking to fair. Hoping for DZEC Manila. On Oct 16 I definitely noted Korean here (HLKQ KBS 1) at 1118, with two or more weak stations mixing beneath. (Atkins-WA)

1071           JAPAN JOMW Obihiro, Hokkaido , Oct 15 1140 - Was trying for NHK1, JOFK, Hiroshima and stumbled on yet another repeater station for Sapporo TV, JOWF-1440. Here with pops and talk show at fair level. New station for me. (Bryant-WA)

1071           JAPAN JOFK NHK1 Hiroshima , Oct 16 1338 - After the basu baru coverage, heard a typical weekend entertainment program, featuring a Japanese classical flamenco guitarist. Sometimes this signal was at very good level and sometimes it was over/under co-channel JOWM from Hokkaido. Very pleased as both stations are new to me. (Bryant-WA)

1071           JAPAN Obihiro, JOWM. 1256 16 Oct. Likely a JJ baseball game //1440. Lots of splash nil-poor. (NHP-WA)

1089           CHINA but don’t know who, 1322 10/15. (Hutton)

1089           JAPAN JOHB, 1433 10/16 Italian lessons //774, mixing w/Chinese music station (bp)

1089           SOUTH KOREA HLCH Chungju seemingly // one of the stations mixing on  1044 at 1320 10/15. I’m not 100% convinced yet – gotta listen to the tapes again. (Hutton)

1098           CHINA but unid 1510 to 1523 10/15 fair in CC. not a clue which. (Hutton)

1098           JAPAN JOFN HBC Imagane , Oct 16 1409 - This noted at poor level with entertainment program (pops/talk) . Was clearly parallel to HBC key station JOHR, Sapporo. Only 100 watts. (Bryant-WA)

1098           JAPAN JOFN Kitahiyama unknown power 1553 10/16 up just enough as the last of the sunrise DX disappeared. Got a clear parallel against 1287 to log another new one. Can’t be running much power, butthere is no power listed in Portzer’s Pacific Asian Log. (Hutton)

1098           MARSHALL ISLANDS, Majuro, 1038 10/16 huge signal, island music, woman in local language (bp)

1098           MARSHALL ISLANDS R. Marshalls V7AB Majuro, Oct 15 0937 - Nice island music at tune-in, but frequent fades. Woman in probable Marshallese language 0940, then fading again. Female announcer with 'V7AB' ID at 0944:20. The ID is 11 seconds into this recording: . Occasional fades to good level. On Oct 16, Marshalls faded up to a fair-good level at 1013 with female talk in Marshallese and island music choruses. Noted Oct 17 at 0918 with island music choruses and Marshallese announcer. Fair to good, but took a quick dive into the noise at 0920. Back up at 1026 with Black Gospel or R&B vocal music; female announcer 1029, and into soft music. Marshalls must have signed-off during a fade, as it disappeared by 1035. (Atkins-WA)

1098           MARSHALL ISLANDS (t) Marshalls (t). 1026 16 Oct. Island chanting; fair. (NHP-WA)

1098           MARSHALL ISLANDS 0923-, V7AB Oct 17 Nice ID given by same YL announcer I've heard the past few mornings with a good fade up after an EZL south pacific selection.  V7AB clearly heard and then immediately into another selection (same style but a religious hymn).  Went past their sked close down of 1030.  Heard to at least 1035.  Gone shortly thereafter when rechecked. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1098           MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AD Majuro here as usual 1058 10/15 with mx. Not particularly strong but omnipresent. (Hutton)

1107           JAPAN JOCF Kagoshima, Oct 17 1238 - Poor-fair level at tune-in, parallel to 1062 (but didn't find 1449 parallel). Japanese talk by male. (Atkins-WA)

1107           JAPAN Kanazawa, JOMR. 1433 16 Oct. ballad //1440; way under another JJ; poor. (NHP-WA)

1107           UNIDS 1358 10/16, weak jumble of audios, mix of pips & chimes 1400 (bp)

1107           UNIDS 1327 10/17 fair to good with jazz music and talk mixing with semi-classical music. Parallel to 1062 which is weird – there’s a 100 watt repeater of JOCF-1107 on 1062 but I am not going to believe that’s what it was. (Hutton)

1116           AUSTRALIA 4BC Talkradio 1116, Oct 16 1120 - Male announcer taking phone calls from listeners, discussing family, how long in the country of Australia, etc. Presumed, as 4BC is the usual talk radio 'blowtorch' on 1116, according to Chuck Hutton. Good signal  on peaks. (Atkins-WA)

1116           AUSTRALIA 1204-, 4BC Oct 16 Nice sudden fade up with Radio 1116 and 4BC ID after weather, and into a light variety show with bantering between a YL and OM. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1116           AUSTRALIA Brisbane, 4BC, 0945 10/16, nice w/teletalk & local ads.  Same thing 1044 10/17 (bp)

1116           JAPAN 1337 10/16, classical music & Japanese talk fair-nil, presume RNB (bp)

1125           CHINA 1509 10/17, 2 Chinese stations battling, one had echo chamber announcement 1512, then ad(?) using opening from Beethoven's 5th, 0814 had one with Star Wars theme (bp)

1125           CHINA (t) to good+ level briefly with talk that sounded Chinese 1421 10/17 but not ID’ed. (Hutton)

1125           JAPAN NHK2, 1459 10/17, Japanese talk, …- pips, local ID lost under a blast of CKWX splatter, then National Anthem & music box IS (bp)

1125           JAPAN JOAD Okinawa NHK2, Oct 16 1326 - Likely this stronger NHK2 outlet on 1125 with march music, and male and female announcers with English lessons ('The power outage paralyzed the railway network; I made a mad dash for the train but the door closed in my face!'), parallel 774 Akita. (Atkins-WA)
1134           JAPAN JOQR Tokyo, Oct 15 1333 - Good level with romantic Japanese pop music, female announcer in Japanese. Mixing with possible KBS Liberty 1 station playing orchestral music & male vocals in Korean. JOQR still barreling in with fair-good audio at 1710, 2-1/2+ hrs. past local sunrise, with Korean in background at 1640. I left a hard drive recorder running on 1133.5 kHz to catch the final disappearance of carrier-- it didn't drop completely until 12 noon local time, which is 1900 UTC, 4-1/2 hours past sunrise! On Oct 16, heard JOQR again with fair-good audio at 1141. (Atkins-WA)

1134           JAPAN JOQR Tokyo , Oct 15 0930 - Heard with typical classical Japanese programming throughout the DXpedition, sometimes at excellent level. (Bryant-WA)

1134           JAPAN Tokyo, JOQR. 1633 15 Oct. Japan & S. Korea mixing it up; JJ woman still there at 1657 w/fair strength.  (NHP-WA)

1134           SOUTH KOREA Kimpo, KBS Social Education . 1122 15 Oct. Fair w/woman in KK //972 followed by mx; trading places w/JJ talk.  (NHP-WA)

1134           SOUTH KOREA 1624-, KBS 1 Social Education network Oct 16 Great reception // to 972 usually over JOQR Tokyo cochannel with Korean  talk, non-stop.  This is at 9:30 local, at least 2 hours after local sunrise!. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1134           SOUTH KOREA, 1437 10/16 dominant w/KK talk //972, Japan in background (bp)

1143           TAIWAN Baisha, BEL3. 1357 15 Oct. Woman talking //738.  (NHP-WA)

1143           TAIWAN BEL3 1016 10/17 poor but parallel 738 and 1593. (Hutton)

1152           JAPAN JOUB Akita NHK2, Oct 15 1340 - English lessons at tune-in: 'Are you sure you've never played golf before?' and 'Your slice is wicked!'. Noted parallel to 774. Good level on peaks. (Atkins-WA)

1152           JAPAN NHK2 Synchros , Oct 15 0935 - Noted at Fair level, //774. (Bryant-WA)

1170           REP. OF (SOUTH) KOREA HLSR KBS Gimje , Oct 16 1446 - Noted in passing with a HUGE signal. KK talk by men. (Bryant-WA)

1170           SOUTH KOREA Gimje, HLSR. 1146 15 Oct. //5975 in RR, woman.  (NHP-WA)

1170           SOUTH KOREA, 1437 10/16 dominant w/KK talk //972/1134, way atop domestics.  LOUD 1542 w/rap music(!) //972, only slightly weaker than locals KXRO & KWOK, stronger than local KBKW (bp)

1179           JAPAN JOOR Osaka, Oct 16 1014 - Male and female announcers in Japanese, replacing Vanuatu on the frequency. Fair level. Heard again Oct 16 with a fair-good signal of Japanese talk. (Atkins-WA)

1179           JAPAN JOOR Osaka , Oct 15 0933 - Heard at good level with JJ popular tunes and talk. (Bryant-WA)

1179           JAPAN Osaka, JOOR. 1157 15 Oct. JJ talk by woman, mx interlude //1287.  (NHP-WA)

1179           VANUATU R. Vanuatu, Oct 16 1002 - Very tough copy of man with speech or political talk, parallel to 7260. Into island music with chorus 1005. Weak, and barely identifiable through the shortwave parallel. At 1012, presumed JOOR Osaka was starting to fade up on the frequency. (Atkins-WA)
1188           RUSSIA FEBC Khabarovsk, Oct 15 1349 - While trying to ID a Chinese lang. station on 1188, another station rose up with 'A Mighty Fortress is Our God' hymn, followed by another hymn. Presumed, but FEBC is the usual occupant of 1188 with Christian programming. No announcer heard before the inevitable fade. (Atkins-WA)

1188           SOUTH KOREA, Seoul, 1367 10/17 FEBC probably the one with Chinese religious program in KEX splatter (bp)

1197           JAPAN 1237 10/16, 2 stations in Japanese, pop music on top, talk in background //1440 (bp)

1197           JAPAN JOWL Ashikawa, Hokkaido , Oct 15 1145 - Noted here all three mornings of DXpedition, sometimes at good level. Repeater for 1440 JOWF. (Bryant-WA)

1197           JAPAN Mito, JOYF. 1150 15 Oct. JJ talk //1440, fair to good; noted many other times as well.  (NHP-WA)

1197           JAPAN 1622-, JOWL, STV Sapporo Oct 16 Fair to good reception at 0922 local! with Japanese talk, in parallel to JOWF 1440.  Great signal for 3 kw!. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1205.98       CHINA Yanbian RGD, Oct 16 1146 - Presumed, with Korean talk at 1146. This has been noted off-frequency before. Fair level on peaks. Also heard Oct 17 at 1217 with a strong level of Korean language. (Atkins-WA)

1205.98       CHINA Yanji, Yanbian RGD. 1218 15 Oct. Likely this w/KK talk by man; often at good level.  (NHP-WA)

1206           CHINA CNR Korean Service Yanji , Oct 15 0938 - Noted here throughout the DXpedition, usually at moderate level. Korean lang. only. (Bryant-WA)

1206           CHINA Yanbian, 1141 10/17 Korean talk strong.  Strong w/folk melody 1305 (bp)

1215           CHINA CNR 7, Oct 15 1210 - Probably this with definite commercial sound; mentions of 'Coca Cola' and 'radio' by male and female announcers in Chinese; CC pop music. Not CNR 2, as SW parallels were not parallel 1215. Tuned back to 1215 at 1255, and heard mentions of 'Guangdong' region at 1259:26, and a deep-voiced, pitch-lowered 'Enjoy the radio...' announcement or promo by male in English. Fair at tune-in, but very good by 1255. On Oct 16, CNR7 in again with Chinese pop music and talk. (Atkins-WA)

1215           CHINA CNR 7, Guangdong Province , Oct 15 1157 - This station serves the New Economic Zone of Shenzen, as well as Canton, Hongkong and Macao and is a very 'with-it' western-style station with commercials, etc. The long ID at 1200 UTC contained quite a few EE words, including 'AM' an 'FM' along with 'WWW' etc. Heard sporadically throughout DXpedition, somtimes at moderate levels. (Bryant-WA)

1215           CHINA Guangdong, CNR7. 1210 15 Oct. Commercial CC pop mx, sounders etc; "Voice of Old China" sounds more like "new commercial Asia".  (NHP-WA)

1215           CHINA CNR7, 1140 10/16 man & woman in Chinese.  Strong w/pop music, mand & woman in Chinese (bp)

1224           JAPAN Kanazawa, JOJK. 1425 16 Oct. Man talking JJ  //594  nil-fair (NHP-WA)

1242           JAPAN JOLF Tokyo , Oct 15 1220 - Noted in passing with JJ pops show at good level. Heard all three AMs of DXpedition. (Bryant-WA)

1251           CHINA (t) Chinese Unid , Oct 15 1255 - Woman talking in standard CC continuously until 1259, then one minute of open air followed by 4+1 CNR time pips. Was unable to find a SW //. Qinghai??. (Bryant-WA)

1251           CHINA 1045 10/17 unknown station w/Chinese talk, fair 1100 w/man & woman talking, pips in background possibly from another station, then talk using Mexican Hat Dance as background(!).  Woman spoke across ToH 1200 (pips in background), then traditional Chinese music, a second Chinese station in background (bp)

1251           RUSSIA Ussuriysk, VoR. 1241 15 Oct. Tentatively this /w/CC talk by man, but no //6145; 7305 had CC but was not //1251.  No ID at 1500.  Noted many other times, but no success with parallels.  (NHP-WA)

1278           JAPAN 1439 10/16 fair-good //1287 (bp)

1278           JAPAN JOFR Fukuoka , Oct 15 1222 - Noted in passing with JJ pops show. Fair to poor level. (Bryant-WA)

1287           JAPAN JOHR Hokkaido Hoso, HBC, Oct 15 1408 - Male and female talk, parallel to 1368. Excellent signal. Still in with fair-good audio at 1650. (Atkins-WA)

1287           JAPAN JOHR Sapporo , Oct 15 0940 - Noted here throughout the DXpedition. Sometimes at spectacular levels. The usual informal JJ talk and pop tunes. (Bryant-WA)

1287           JAPAN (t) Sapporo, JOHR. 1134 15 Oct. JJ talk by woman;  by 1136 there was an internet address given by man as part of an ad?  .  (NHP-WA)

1296           JAPAN 1519 10/16, phone talk //594 fair-good (bp)

1305           SOUTH KOREA, 1620 10/16, audible most of the night, still there //3930.  Teletalk //3930 1234 10/17 (bp)

1305           SOUTH KOREA HLSV, Uijin , Oct 15 0949 - Good at times in KK throughout the morning. (Bryant-WA)

1305           SOUTH KOREA Uljin, HLSV. 1638 16 Oct. Briefly fair w/KK talk by man //3930;  poor-fair. (NHP-WA)

1322.9        CHINA Govorit Pekin , Oct 15 1356 - China's FS in Russian noted here all three mornings of DXpedition. Was on channel on 10/16 & 10/17. Was // to 963Khz. (Bryant-WA)

1322.9        CHINA CRI. 1407 15 Oct. Woman in RR //963.  (NHP-WA)

1323           CHINA CRI, 1556 10/16, strong ending Russian program, then Chinese music o/loud growl.  Loud in Russian 1111 10/17 o/unid talk (bp)

1332           AUSTRALIA 0938 10/16 unid oldies music & ad in Aussie English.  Probably unneeded 4BU (bp)

1332           JAPAN 1234 10/16, good w/ads & Tokai Radio ID (bp)

1332           JAPAN JOSF Nagoya, Oct 15 1105 - Hoping for Philippines here, but language turned out to be Japanese. Most likely JOSF at 50 kw, as the other JJ on frequency is only 0.1 kw. Fair-good at peaks. Still hanging in with poor-fair audio at 1651. (Atkins-WA)

1332           JAPAN JOSF Nagoya , Oct 15 1106 - Noted in passing with a pop music show. Good throughout the night. (Bryant-WA)

1359           CHINA CNR1 Unkn. Loc. , Oct 15 1450 - Heard here with general CC talk programming. // 5030, but with a distinct satellite delay. Generally fair level only. At Top of Hour, there were clear mentions of 'WWW dot' followed by a URL in standard CC and 'e-mail' also followed by an address in standard Chinese. That sure sounded strangely satisfying to this old Cold Warrior. (Bryant-WA)

1359           CHINA CNR1. 1514 15 Oct. Woman in CC //5030, then man, o/u splash.  (NHP-WA)

1359           CHINA CNR1, 1506 10/16 poor in splat //6030 (bp)

1368           JAPAN NHK1, 1233 10/16, fair //594 (bp)

1368           JAPAN 1455 10/16 piano music //594 o/u unid talk (bp)

1368           JAPAN 1555 10/16 2 stations still audible, woman //594 NHK, ads //1287 (bp)

1377           CHINA CNR1 , Oct 15 1310 - Heard here at good level swamping the NHK2 signal. Man talking continuously. // to 5040. Heard also late on 17th. Refer to 1593//828 log.(Bryant-WA)

1377           CHINA CNR1. 1323 15 Oct. CNR1 //6030 two men in CC slightly delayed from 6030.  (NHP-WA)

1377           JAPAN NHK2 Synchros , Oct 16 1249 - Heard here intermittently throughout the DXpedition. Sometimes at very good levels. (Bryant-WA)

1377           JAPAN 1402 10/16, English news //1386 fair (bp)

1386           JAPAN NHK2, 1232 10/16 Japanese talk good (bp)

1386           JAPAN Unidentified NHK2, Oct 16 1238 - Female announcer speaking in Japanese, parallel to 747, 774, and 828. Good level. One of four possible 10-kw NHK2 stations on 1386. At 1641 retune, I caught the music box sign-off music for NHK2 stations at a fair level. (Atkins-WA)

1386           JAPAN NHK2 Synchros , Oct 16 1250 - Heard here intermittently throughout the DXpedition. Sometimes at very good levels. (Bryant-WA)

1386           JAPAN NHK2 synchros. 1640 16 Oct. s/off w/anthem and music box, pretty poor in splash, but amazing so late; several 10 kw to choose from. (NHP-WA)

1386           JAPAN 1640-, NHK 2 Oct 16 4 10kw stations to choose from with their sign-off procedures.  Unfortunately, the initial speech portion was in the mud, then faded up nicely for the music box ending. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1386           TAIWAN Hsinchu, BED87. 1430 15 Oct. Musical interlude then more EE lessons //1539; mixing w/NHK2.  (NHP-WA)

1395           CHINA (t) seemingly CC at 1150 on 10/15, a good China morning. 5 low and 1 high pips on the the hour, nut I was not able to pull an ID as the signal was poor and the slop was not. (Hutton)

1404           JAPAN JOQL HBC Kushiro, Hokkaido , Oct 16 1400 - This noted at good level with multiple IDs as 'HBC' at TOH. Was clearly parallel to HBC key station JOHR, Sapporo. (Bryant-WA)

1404           JAPAN JOQL Kushiro fair 1348 10/16 in a mix, parallel 1287 making for an easy ID. (Hutton)

1413           JAPAN JOIF Fukuoka KBC, Oct 16 1243 - Tentative, with Japanese sports (baseball?), possibly parallel a very weak Japanese station on 1485. Also possibly parallel the NHK1 baseball game on 594. Poor level. (Atkins-WA)

1413           JAPAN JOIF Fukuoka , Oct 15 1235 - Heard here at poor level with JJ discussion by ladies. (Bryant-WA)

1413           JAPAN Fukuoka, JOIF. 1336 15 Oct. Man and woman in JJ // 1197 which was excellent. (Allnight Nippon program) (NHP-WA)

1413           JAPAN Fukuoka, JOIF. 1501 16 Oct. Woman and man in JJ //1440; nil-fair.  (NHP-WA)

1413           UNID 0958 10/16 fair-poor unusual female vocal, sounded middle eastern, possibly the Aussie SBS station (bp)

1422           JAPAN JORF Yokohama , Oct 15 1012 - Heard with JJ talk here at fair level underneath an unid off-channel signal on 1422.1. (Bryant-WA)

1422           JAPAN Yokohama, JORF. 1400 16 Oct. JJ talk by man leading to a single tone on hour, can't dig out an ID; poor-good. (NHP-WA)

1440           JAPAN JOWF STV Sapporo , Oct 16 1257 - Noted here with Japanese sporting event (basu baru?) at good level. This formerly exotic logging was pretty much available at will throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-WA)

1440           JAPAN Sapporo, JOWF 1231 10/16, Japanese talk dominant.  Way atop freq 1330 10/16 w/STV Radio ID  Still dominant 1602 (bp)

1440           JAPAN Sapporo, JOWF. 1148 15 Oct. JJ talk by man and woman; dominant.  (NHP-WA)

1449           JAPAN JOQM HBC Abashiri , Oct 16 1407 - This noted at fair level with pops and talk program similar to 'All-Night Nippon.' Was clearly parallel to HBC key station JOHR, Sapporo. (Bryant-WA)

1449           JAPAN JOQM Abishiri poor 1412 10/16 but I just punched 1287 into VFO B and voila, a parallel for an easy ID. (Hutton)

1458           CHINA Nei Menggu, 1412 10/17, Mongolian talk //4785 fair.  Very good at 1527 recheck, stronger than 4785 SW! (bp)

1458           CHINA Nei Menggu RGD Baotou? , Oct 17 1452 - Noted here with mixed programming of music and talk at fair level // 4785 kHz. (Bryant-WA)

1458           CHINA Inner Mongolia, Nei Menggu fair 1414 10/17 pleasantly on top and quite easily parallel 4785 for a surprise log. Thanks to Bruce Portzer for checking the SW parallel after noting an unid language here. (Hutton)

1475           MALAYSIA (EASTERN) RTM Kota Kinabalu , Oct 16 1301 - This propaganda station in Tagalog noted here in audio only briefly at fair to good level. Remains off-channel. (Bryant-WA)

1475           MALAYSIA Kota Kinabalu, RTM . 1236 16 Oct. Just a beefy carrier; at 1301, noted singing and woman in Tagalog .  (NHP-WA)

1494           CHINA (t) woman in seeming CC but without hearing the standard “guangbo dientai” ID I am lost and helpless. 1253 10/15. (Hutton)

1494           JAPAN 1442 10/16 fair in KWOK splat //1350/1287, then faded under someone w/Eagles song (bp)

1494           UNID mix of two stns 1243 10/15, one seemed Japanese and the other I can not be sure about. A tough channel that rarely yields audio at Grayland. (Hutton)

1494           UNIDS two in a weak mix 1418 10/16, one of which may have been // 1287 but was just too weak to even imagine being sure. (Hutton)

1503           JAPAN NHK2 Synchros , Oct 15 0955 - These were the usual, but not only, dominant throughout the DXpedition. Usually at fair level. //774, etc. (Bryant-WA)

1503           JAPAN Akita, JOUK. 1355 16 Oct. Fast talking JJ man //594 nil-good (NHP-WA)

1503           MICRONESIA Kosrae, 0921 10/17 loud w/chorale island music (bp)

1503           MICRONESIA V6AJ Kosrae, Oct 17 0913 - Fair signal of island music at 0913; male announcer in island language 0926. Island choral music at 1040 retune, but unfortunately the signal faded for good before the 1100 sign-off time. Last August at Grayland I was able to catch a V6AJ callsign at 1100* sign-off. (Atkins-WA)

1503           MICRONESIA (t) Kosrae, V6AJ. 1022 17 Oct. Woman in unID language after island mx nil-fair (NHP-WA)

1503           MICRONESIA 1044-, V6AJ Voice of Kosrae Oct 17 Sudden fade up to good levels with islands music.  Very enjoyable early Sunday listening. Weak Korean or Japanese cochannel just audible, but V6AJ dominates nicely.  No luck on the other Micronesian on 1449 yet. Faded away by 10:50. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1503           MICRONESIA 0917 10/17 good mx for a while. (Hutton)

1521           JAPAN NHK2 synchros. 1455 15 Oct. Woman in JJ, followed by stringed mx //774.  (NHP-WA)

1521           JAPAN NHK2 synchros. 1328 16 Oct. Lively light opera mx poor-fair (NHP-WA)

1521           JAPAN various NHK2 stations fair-poor the big guy on 774 1330 10/16. (Hutton)

1521           JAPAN NHK2, 1326 10/16 classical music fair in splatter //774/1152 (bp)

1530           CHINA unid 1537 10/16 way under KFBK but clearly Chinese. (Hutton)

1530           unID. 1545 16 Oct. Woman talking JJ, under somewhat phased KFBK poor-fair (NHP-WA)

1539           TAIWAN BCC Information Network, Tainan, Oct 15 1420 - English lessons, with discussion and comments on the subject of mortgages and home buying, by man and woman announcers. Into Chinese language 1424 and music in the background. 'Worship Jesus Now' hymn 1426. Noted parallel frequencies of 1062, 1386 and 1467 with discussion about computers in schools and education by two men in English. Warnings about emails and spam 1438. Good level when not in a deep fade. (Atkins-WA)

1539           TAIWAN Tainan, BED78. 1420 15 Oct. EE lessons on buying a house, interspersed w/CC.  (NHP-WA)

1539           TAIWAN (t) an English discussion program (not the NHK2 style language lesson) and I seem to recall that Taiwan is known to carry EE. 1444 10/15. (Hutton)

1548           AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald , Oct 16 1302 - ABC Hourly News heard here at fair level only. (Bryant-WA)

1557           AUSTRALIA 2SM Taree one of only a few DU’s and it was in only because WYFR Taiwan was not in yet, 1004 10/16. Had 2SM’s country music show. (Hutton)

1557           CHINA-TAIWAN WYFR Family Radio, Kouhu , Oct 15 1015 - Noted here at moderate levels throughout the night, with CC Christian programming. (Bryant-WA)

1557           TAIWAN 1528 10/17, WYFR probably the one w/religion in American English (bp)

1557           TAIWAN Kohou, WYFR. 1339 17 Oct. Seemed to be a CC broadcast, with vocal mx, but not //WYFR Mandarin broadcasts on SW 7250.  1512 16 Oct had slow EE religious discussion, not able to find //.   6280 was EE but not this.  (NHP-WA)

1566           SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Cheju, Oct 15 1239 - Excellent signal with presumed sermon in Japanese. Background audience sounds, etc.  Beautiful Chinese language signal at 1500 retune, listenable in wide bandwidth S-AM mode. (Atkins-WA)

1566           SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Cheju Island , Oct 15 1016 - Heard at studio quality S-9+30 during peak times and always at an excellent level. Christian FEBC programming in various Asian langs. (Bryant-WA)

1566           SOUTH KOREA Cheju Island, HLAZ. 1636 15 Oct. Back after its pattern change at 1630, fair signal, vocal mx.  (NHP-WA)

1566           SOUTH KOREA, Cheju, HLAZ, 1225 10/17, quite loud 35db/S9, in Japanese (bp)

1566           SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Cheju 1422 10/15 xlnt as usual and just for fun I was messing around with the wide filters (6 kHz) in the Drake. Didn’t matter – there still was no interference and the signal was still awesome. (Hutton)

1575           JAPAN Unidentified American Forces Network Station, Oct 16 1530 - Heavy rock music, very strong at times, over/under VOA Bangkok's News in Special English. VOA dominated 1532-1535, then the music station began to strengthen again to challenge Thailand. (Atkins-WA)

1575           JAPAN AFN Japan Misawa (pres.) , Oct 16 1504 - Almost certainly this 800 watter with EE pops records and EE PSAs, over/under VOA Thailand. This one at northern tip of Honshu most likely rather than 200 watter at Sasebo Navy Base in southern Japan. First time for me to hear the network that was my life-line when we lived near Tokyo 25 years ago. (Bryant-WA)

1575           JAPAN 1537-, AFN Oct 16 Great clash between VOA Thailand (at 1000 kw) with news in special English and AFN Japan with 3 stations listed at 250, 600 and 1000 watts.  The latter (presumed) had non-stop rock music, occasionally coming up to very decent levels.  At 15:40 there was some talk, but not at a level that I could be certain of the contents.  I thought that I had heard an AFN ID at 15:30.  Will need to check the MD.  At 15:42 there was definitely English noted under VOA. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1575           JAPAN AFN (tentative), 1107 10/17 R&B music atop freq (bp)

1575           JAPAN AFN stations (3 at 1 kw each) apparently the source of English 1440 10/15 with ads for Microsoft products (Word 2003, etc). (Hutton)

1575           THAILAND VOA Ayutthaya, Oct 15 1242 - Noted this regular in passing, with powerful signal in possible Vietnamese. At 1505 retune, noted news in special English by male announcer. On Oct 17, VOA 'News Now' in English was heard at a good level at 1202, and at 1400 with 'VOA' ID and mentions of UN Secretary General Kofi Anan in Vietnamese or other language. (Atkins-WA)

1575           THAILAND VOA Ayuthaya , Oct 15 1017 - Heard throughout the DXpedition, often at good to excellent level, with usual VOA Asian programming. News in Special EE was particularly interesting... and how DO you explain the US presidential race, anyway???. (Bryant-WA)

1575           THAILAND Ban Phachi, VOA. 1259 16 Oct. "welcome to Voice of America  special English; good-fair. (NHP-WA)

1575           THAILAND VOA, 1501 10/16 VOA News Now in English good o/another station in American English (probably AFN).  News Now good 1218 w/talk about HIV (bp)

1575           THAILAND 1200-, VOA Oct 17 Strong reception with VOA news now program. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

1575           unID. 1532 16 Oct. Rock mx o/VoA, possibly AFN synchros in  Japan; fair. (NHP-WA)

1584.02       unID. 1505 15 Oct. Possible Palau w/ pop mx.  (NHP-WA)

1584           CHINA unid sometimes rising up out of the growl on the channel 1432 10/15. (Hutton)

1584           CHINA 1105 10/17 Chinese talk fair atop channel (bp)

1584           CHINA but unid 1557 10/16 with Chinese-ish classical mx, pips and ID at top of the hour but I can’t make it out. (Hutton)

1584           JAPAN NHK1 big handful of 100 watt stations nicely parallel 594 1429 10/16. If only I could get a local ID. (Hutton)

1584           PALAU (assumed) with fair pop mx 1430 10/15. Songs almost always lead right into the next song and the songs are a mix of US r&b, reggae standards, an Oriental pop song, and ??? (Hutton)

1593           CHINA CNR1, Oct 15 1540 - Chinese opera music  heard here, and parallel to 6030. Fair to good signal level. (Atkins-WA)
1593           CHINA CNR1 Heilongjiang?, Oct 17 1420 - Dreamy, Chinese orchestral music on vibra harp parallel to 1134, 5030 and 6030, in place of the possible Russian language station heard on 1593 earlier in the evening. Fair level, but reception made tougher by unid. Japanese station on the frequency. (Atkins-WA)

1593           CHINA CNR1 , Oct 17 1420 - This surfaced from the 1593 furball, clearly //5060 and 6030. Later, after NHK2 sign-off at 1500, this noted //CNR1 1377 and, until 1510, //828 (probable Beijing News Station.) All at fair level only. (Bryant-WA)

1593           CHINA CNR1 , Oct 15 1315 - Heard swamping usual dominant NHK2 Synchros with CC talk. // 5040. (Bryant-WA)

1593           CHINA CNR1. 1324 15 Oct. //6030 w/two men in CC, slightly delayed from 6030.  (NHP-WA)

1593           CHINA CNR1, 1208 10/16 Chinese talk o/Japan (bp)

1593           JAPAN NHK2 Synchros , Oct 16 1251 - Heard here intermittentantly throughout the DXpedition. Sometimes at very good levels. (Bryant-WA)

1593           JAPAN NHK2, 1319 10/16, weather, local ID I think for JOQB (need to replay minidisc) (bp)

1593           RUSSIA Russkoe Radio, Angarsk, Oct 17 1320 - Very tentative, with poss. Russian language beneath NHK2 Japanese (JOTB/JOQB). The Russian male speaker occasionally challenged the Japanese station for strongest on the frequency, but mostly it lurked in the background. (Atkins-WA)

1593           RUSSIA Russkoe Radio Angarsk (t) , Oct 17 1317 - Three signals were present on 1593: the NHK2 synchros, CNR1 and what sounded clearly RR which dominated for several minutes 1315-1320. The only relevant PAL listing is Angarsk. Tentative this at fair level. (Bryant-WA)

1593           TAIWAN 1016 10/17 poor but parallel 738 and 1143, only 1 kw! (Hutton)

1602           JAPAN NHK2 synchros. 1404 15 Oct. Woman in EE nx //774.  (NHP-WA)

1602           JAPAN NHK, 1229 10/16 Japanese talk //1593 (bp)

1611           AUSTRALIA 1014 10/16 pop music, "Radio 2" ID fair-poor (bp)

1611           unID. 1128 16 Oct. Light pop mx, poor in murk; no ID across the hour. Carriers also noted 1629 1665 1683.3 1701.1   (NHP-WA)

2959.95       INDONESIA 1317-, RPDT Manggarai Oct 16 Powerful signal at times, but with deep fading as we approach local dawn.  Some Western music, and a fair amount of dead air between selections.  Brief talk.  I did hear 'Makassar' earlier, but no IDs as yet.  Guy Atkins and I tried for about 2 hours in July, never to hear an ID, but reception is much better today.  Long monologues by the same OM, with brief musical interludes.  At 1350, I noted the same Indonesian vocal on 4790 RRI Fak Fak, as here, but not in parallel.  A coincidence, I assume, as there were different announcers afterwards.  Another announcer came on after this...a woman with a very penetrating voice, with announcements.  Very commonly heard in the South Pacific.  Likely person to person messages, as they were repeated twice.  Often at armchair level!  Still going strong at 14:12! Many names heard like Anton, Katerina,  Marta, etc.  Mentioned Makassar and Bali at 14:13.  I'm sure I heard 'Riverside' a few times too.  Finally finished at 14:23, with EZL filler, and then a more lively piece at 14:23:45.  More long monologue by the same YL announcer, and then into a C&W song at 14:32:30.  Call in at 14:34 with mention of Manggarai.  More static crashes noted as we approach dawn.  Caller again mentioned Manggarai, and then back to the same C&W song.  Another caller at 14:39 with immediate mention of Manggarai.  Someone within the motel switched on a TV at 1442 spoiling the signal during fades.  Big fade up at 14:50 barelling through the TVI.  Again faded up at 14:58.  Love Ambon at 1500 without any apparent announcements, and a big increase in noise, but carrier seems off by 1503. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

2960           INDONESIA, RPDT2 Manggarai, Oct 16 1310 - Male announcer in Indonesian with a monotone delivery at tune-in. Many mentions of Indonesia. Soft Indonesian pop music 1352 (same artist & song as on 4790, but not parallel, just a coincidence). Female announcer 1356 reading a long list of items twice-- likely personal ads, with mentions of various Indo cities like Fak Fak and Manggarai. No ID at top of hour, but continued messages. Announcement by a different woman (I think) 1423 with mentions of Kalimantan, and into orchestral music. More messages to 1432 jaunty (almost country western) music bracketing a male phone caller or reporter 1434; multiple mentions of Manggarai 1439-1441. Lagu romantik tune at 1450 and pop music 1457. Love Ambon sign-off music noted at 1459:45, and sign-off 1501* without break-in announcement or ID. Signal initially fair at 1310, but improved to good later-- except for some TV harmonics QRM. A short clip of Manggarai can be heard here: (Atkins-WA)
3223           INDIA, AIR Shimla, Oct 16 1338 - Tentative. Very weak signal of Hindi talk which seemed parallel to 4840. (Atkins-WA)
3905           PAPUA NEW GUINEA, R. New Ireland, Oct 17 1250 - Melanesian pops at tune-in; male announcer in Pidgin with phone interview or caller at 1255; more PNG pop music 1256. Announcer at top of hour with frequent mentions of 'program'. Radio New Ireland ID at 1205 and 'come up long 9:05' time check, and then off at 1306*. Very good signal. (Atkins-WA)

3905           PAPUA NEW GUINEA 1300-,  Radio New Ireland Oct 17 Great reception from this old friend with typical western oldie EZL instrumental music following a male announcer in Tok Pisin.  Good to very good reception.  Again mention about National Service, Sunday night, and 3905 , meters, and 5 kw, studios....Radio New Ireland mentioned.  Off the air shortly after without NA.and carrier off.  Nice to hear them again.  I'm sure he said 5 kw, as opposed to listed 10, but I'll have to confirm the MD recording to be sure. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

3960.95       INDONESIA, RRI Palu, Oct 16 1320 - Presumed, with a strong signal of Indonesian male announcer and phoned-in news or other brief segments by male reporter. (Atkins-WA)

3976           INDONESIA 1557-, RRI Pontianak Oct 15 Strong S7 to S9 signal with Koran recitation.  Off without announcements at 1605. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

4604.86       INDONESIA 1306-, RRI Serui Oct 16 Excellent reception of network news in Bahasa Indonesia.  Business news at 1306.  USB spoiled by a ute.  At 1309, the talking continued under music!  I heard this several times after the TOH.  Stopped a minute later.  Mentions of Malaysia, 'bomba'.  C & W music again over the YL at 13:13. When rechecked at 1316, no music again. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

4750           INDONESIA 1356-, RRI Makassar Oct 17 Armchair copy of this powerful Indonesian.  I should have a very good MD over the ToH. Call to prayer just before.  Ramadan has started I believe.  Mentions of kHz at 1506.  Lovely ID for RRI Makassar at 1506:30. (see MD2-3). (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

4790           INDONESIA 1338-, RRI Fak Fak Oct 16 Superb armchair level with EZL music.  Very nice!  Interesting how all Indo stations have that somewhat muffled audio.  Very characteristic.  Off sometime before 13:58 recheck.  Will listen to the MD. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

4840          INDIA 1359-, AIR Mombai Oct 17 Good reception with talk in presumed Hindi.  Some CW interference on USB. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

4910           ZAMBIA, ZNBC, Oct 16 1624 - Tentative. Noted faint scraps of African music and talk here, at Lusaka sunset, two hours past Grayland sunrise. Announcement or ID by woman at 1730. Only audible on the NW Beverage, because it was the quietest antenna. A strong het was also heard on R. Christian Voice's frequency of 4965. (Atkins-WA)
4960           PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Catholic Radio Network, Oct 16 1347 - Continuous soft EZL music, Christian contemporary music, and instrumental versions of hymns from 1347 to 1507 uninterrupted by announcers or IDs. I reviewed a recording of this and could not find anything but nonstop music. Presumed CRN due to the programming; excellent signal strength-- 4960 continued until well past sunrise before fade out. (Atkins-WA)

4960           PAPUA NEW GUINEA 1415-, Catholic Radio Network Oct 16 While monitoring 2960 Manggarei, I've been watching 4960 in the background, with a very nice strong signal.  It's being recorded, so I'll have a review on my way home from Grayland tomorrow. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

5019.90       SOLOMON ISLANDS , 1539-, SIBC Oct 15 Good reception at 0845 local time! with BBCWS news relay.  Surprisingly strong for almost 1 1/2 hours after sunrise. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

5020           SOLOMON ISLANDS SIBC Honiara, Oct 17 1048 - Very good signal with hymns in Pidgin; Sermon by man in English, reading Bible verse (in English & Pidgin) about the unjust judge who granted a widow's request. Male announcer 1100 with sign-off announcements, ID, and mentions of returning to the air at 6 o'clock tomorrow. Further announcements and AM & SW frequencies given by woman, and into Solomons national anthem 1103. Brief pause, then BBC relay began. (Atkins-WA)

5102           KASHMIR 1417-, Voice of Freedom of Jammu and Kashmir Oct 16 Using my second receiver, I noted a decent signal on 5102.0, and assume the clandestine Jammu and Kashmir station.  Only USB is useable, as there was a ute on LSB and CODAR as well spoiling the show. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

7260.11       VANUATU R. Vanuatu, Oct 15 0950 - Reggae song 'Africa Unite' at tune-in; pop music, then female announcer with R. Vanuatu ID at 0957. Good to very good signal. (Atkins-WA)

7260.13       VANUATU 1038-, Radio Vanuatu Oct 16 Strong reception, so obviously back to their previous reception, measuring S9 + 10 to 20 with lovely south seas music in Bislama.  A live concert from the sounds of things, with brief intro by a Male between selections.  Should propagate much further afield!  Spoiled by Radio Thailand coming on at 11:00.  Still relatively strong, however and still going at 11:05.     Into NA shortly after and then OC. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

7260           THAILAND, R. Thailand, Oct 16 1057 - While monitoring R. Vanuatu towards their 1100* sign-off, R. Thailand's interval signal began at 1058. At 1100, a male announcer indicated 'This is Radio Thailand's Foreign Service broadcasting from Bangkok... The following program is in Vietnamese.' Good signal with Vanuatu underneath until Vanuatu's national anthem and sign-off. (Atkins-WA)

9960           ARMENIA 1805-, Voice of Armenia Oct 16 Fair reception of French programming, and into same old IS, and into German at 1806.  Into presumed news.  Many mentions of Armenia.  English is scheduled at 18:25.  Only able to use LSB, since USB is destroyed by utility. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

11720         PHILIPPINES 1731-, Radio Filipinas Oct 16 Crash start after open carrier and very short orchestral piece into Tagalog, without any ID that I could hear. Very good reception with parallels of 15190 and 17720 also heard weakly. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

11900         CHINA 1701-, CRI Oct 16 Very powerful English news transmission re Vladimir Putin's visit to  China.  During fades, RCI's DRM broadcast can be clearly heard grinding in the background. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

11960         MALI 1712-, Radio Mali Oct 16 Very strong reception with Arabic speaker, well over 2 cochannels (BBC in Albanian and CRI in Russian listed).  I'm surprised how well this station has been received over the years about the same time (up to their sign-off at the TOH).  Not commonly reported.  Must take the cake for boring programming, however.  Same male announcer droning on and on and on.  Not a single musical break.  Must be lecturing or something.   He was cut-off in mid sentence and followed the canned sign-off announcement in French, which itself was yanked a few seconds after 1800. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

13865         ICELAND 1756-, Iceland Radio Oct 16 Violin piece from 1755 tune-in until talk by YL over phone quality audio a few minutes later.  All in Icelandic, of course.  Fair to good at times. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)

17635         FRANCE 1734-, Voice of Africa, Tripoli Libya Oct 15 English programming with thickly accented male discussing Libyan issues.  Relatively easy to follow due to the speaker's care to enunciate each vowel.  'The leader of the revolution'....'Libyan people'.  'The British prime minister, Tony Blair has sent a message....about cooperation between the Jamahiriya and Britain'.  At 17:43 concluded with 'this is the end of the news?.  Thank you for listening.'  Immediately into French.  Fair at times. (Salmaniw, Grayland, WA)