Applications and Services

Having the AREDN node(s) connected to other nodes (i.e. Primary, Secondary, or Ad-Hoc) is the first step in this effort.  Once the mesh network has been built and deployed, you will need to have useful services that consumers will need.  Here are a few examples that my AREDN network will be deploying in the future.

  1. PBX Server — FreePBX
  2. VOIP Video Phones – Grandstream GXV–3000
  3. Network Storage — Open Media Vault
  4. Web Server — WordPress
  5. IP Cameras — Ubiquiti AirCam
  6. Instant Messaging — MeshChat
  7. E-Mail — WinLink Express
  8. RFShark OpenSpot
  9. IRLP Nano-Node
  10. Portable Satellite Internet — Wideye iSavi IsatHub
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