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Ham Feast Breakfast

Every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM (Pacific Time) sharp you will find a faithful gathering of hams for a very informal breakfast called the "Ham Feast Breakfast". This breakfast group has been meeting here in the San Diego area for many years, in fact it has outlived many of the area restaurants that have been it's host. XYLs (wives) and other family members are cordially invited to join us. We hope when you come our way you will plan to visit us also. Please send email to [email protected] stating the calendar month and day (Saturday) you plan to attend and we will "roll out the red carpet" for you and your guest. Upon receipt of your message we will email you complete instructions on how to get to location where the breakfast is being held.

Please check this breakfast page often as it is under construction. We plan to post pictures of many of the group that join us from week to week.


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The Calliers, William (KD6QB) and June. Bill and June always come early and make sure everything is in place for breakfast. You will enjoy their hospitality.

The Williams, Dr. Francis (W6MIR)(SK) and Faye. Dr. Williams became a silent key June 29, 2002 was a medical doctor and a ham for almost 60 years.

The Stokes, Bill (KB6KEP) and Jeanne

Granville Clark (K6RIF), one of the Breakfast mainstays. Gran is very knowledgeable and a credit to the amateur radio community.

Harley Garbrielson (K6DS), Dr. Francis Williams (W6MIR), Vern Milton (W6EPW) pictured left to right have faithfully served the amateur radio community for over 180 years.

Gordon Ripley (WB6POW) and Steve Basye (KC6USC), two amateur radio operators who truly enjoy the hobby of "ham" radio. Both are long time personal friends of mine.

Dan Floyd (WB6FWS) is an authority on H2O (water). He has worked many years for local water district and always has a answer when asked a question about water. His antenna farm covers all the amateur radio bands and he spends much of his hobby time working other amateur radio operators around the world.

Margaret and Bill (ZL1BJN). Bill lives in New Zealand and comes to visit San Diego usually twice a year. He and Margaret always join us for breakfast when he is here.

The Liesmans, Jamie (KF6YWH) & Jack (WD6EYD), my wife Ruth and John Belcher (KA6LEA) on a very bright Saturday morning after the Ham Feast Breakfast.

Group Photo - Not all, but those that were not camera shy on a spring day in June 1991.

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