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Born in Plant City, Florida (1927). Graduated from Polytechnic High 1944 (Fort Worth, TX.). Joined Navy at age 17 (1944). Took boot training in San Diego. Served Navy for 2 years and discharged in 1946. Remained in San Diego after service and married Ruth (1948).

Attended and graduated from Balboa University (San Diego) with a degree in Accounting and Finance (1950).

Worked as accountant for retail appliance store for two years (1950-52) and for an accounting firm for one year (1952-53). Joined Western Radio & Television Supply Company (San Diego) in 1953. The firm name was changed to Western Radio Electronics in the early 1960s. Western was a wholesale distributor of electronic parts, supplies and equipment. It also served the amateur radio community with one of the largest amateur radio inventories west of the Mississippi. The old timers will remember such names as Collins, Swan, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, and I could go on and on.

Purchased the firm 20 years later (1973) and worked another 12 years. Sold business and retired after 32 years in 1985.

Ruth and I have three children. Don (born 1950) and married to Zonna. Jim Jr. (born 1960) and married to Linda. Paul (born 1965) and single. Two grandsons, Kyle (born 1985), and Ryan (born 1994). Two granddaughters, Kelly (born 1993), and Olivia (born 1998). Both of our parents have passed away. I had one sister, Tawana, who also graduated from Polytechnic High (Fort Worth, TX) in 1946. She too is deceased.

Ham Radio became a real part of my everyday life in October 1989. Not much of a contester but a real RAG CHEWER by birth.

When conditions are right I serve as Net Control for the "2300 ZULU NET" which is on Monday through Friday at 2300 GMT on 28.390 MHz (+or-). I am a member of the Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon (CA), ARRL, and Ten-Ten International. You can fine me just about everyday on DXPKT working the World Wide Conference. The time of day will vary. However, if you send a scheduled time to my internet email address [email protected], I will do my best to meet you on channel 0 (zero) and we will peck away at the keys.

AMPRnet Address : [email protected]

AX25 BBS Address : n6wuq@ab6qv.#sca.ca.usa.noam

AMSAT Address : [email protected]

Mail Address : [email protected]

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