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Notice: I regret to report that the eWarrior discussion list has gone dormant, as other modes have become available to support the communications needs of the New Warrior community. This page is retained for historical purposes, however no List subscriptions are being processed at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Announcing: The eWarrior (TM) Virtual I-Group

The New Warrior ® movement has filled a void in my life, but because of geographical constraints, it has also failed to fully live up to its promise. I am an Isolated Warrior, living two hundred miles from the nearest training center or integration group. In hopes that the Internet can help to unite me with other isolated brothers, I am pleased to announce the establishment of the eWarrior (TM) Virtual I-Group, hosted free of charge by Yahoo! Groups. eWarrior is a closed, unmoderated email discussion list which all New Warrior brothers are welcome to join.

If you have attended a New Warrior Training Adventure weekend or similar training, I invite you to join the eWarrior list, by filling out the form below. Please allow two weeks for me to manually enroll you to the list. Once enrolled, you may post to the list by email, addressed to eWarrior @ Use the same form should you wish to unsubscribe.

There are very few rules, other than those which courtesy will dictate. The eWarrior list is a virtual campfire for men only -- I do beg the indulgence of our sisters. To make this a safe container, please respect the privacy of your brothers. The eWarrior list is noncommercial, of course, and to be used for heart-to-heart dialog between New Warriors. I ask that you keep your posts brief, on-topic, and do not send attachments. Remember that some of us pay for our connect time by the minute.

I regret that the eWarrior list is neither affiliated with, nor sanctioned by any New Warrior community, or by the Mankind Project   (TM), but I will nevertheless endeavor to administer it in accordance with their policies.

Welcome, brother eWarriors!
In peace and love,
Paul Patient Owl
eWarrior is hosted by Yahoo!

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