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Gulf War Illness Class Action Litigation

Litigation has been filed as a class action negligence and product liabilty lawsuit onbehalf of Gulf War Illness casualties against 68 foreign (primarily German) and domestic corporations that sold chemical/biological warfare products and technology to Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War. The attorneys intend to prove that these private companies were negligent and liable under negligence and products laibilty law for selling chemical/biological warfare means to Saddam Hussein who was widely known at the time as a violator of international law.

If you are suffering from Gulf War Illness, and the Defendants are held liable, you are entitled to recover fair and reasonable monetary compensation from the Defendants for your past and future pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, loss of income and medical bills. These attoneys feel this law suit wiil serve two purposes. They anticipate that it will compensate monetarily those who have been affected. Secondly, they expect to deter corporations by theirpocket book that would otherwise be tempted to sell the means for weapons of mass destruction to Iraq and or other Third World countries.

There are presently well over 4,000 signed up to participate in the case. The more affected Plaintiffs/Invervenors' involved, the more litigation expence can be pro rata divided among everyone (at no cost to you if the case is lost), and the more likely sucess will eventually be in either settling or trying the case. Eventually, legislation is expected to authorize the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission to adjudicate claims against Iraq and make payments to claiments from Iraqi assets frozen in the United States, which are estimated at about $2 billion. These claims will possibly include claims by military personnel who participated in Desert Storm or thier survivors. They have already filed a notice of claim on the behalf of Gulf War Illness veterans, thier families and survivors with the Commission.


Attoneys at Law
8866 Gulf Freeway, Suite 117
Houston, Texas 77017-6528
713-910-0594 (fax)

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