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Veteran's Medical Issues
Combat-Related Special Compensation

(The information below was provided courtesy of Air Force News, May 29, 2003)

DoD Publishes CRSC Guidelines

The Defense Department has announced the start of the new Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) program. Eligibility goes to military retirees with 20 years of service for retired pay computation and who either have been awarded VA disability compensation because of combat injuries for which they have been awarded the Purple Heart or who are rated at least 60 percent disabled because of armed conflict, hazardous duty, training exercises, or mishaps involving military equipment. Approved payments will be backdated to June 1, 2003, with first payments possible as early as July 1, according to DoD officials. Payments will equal the amount of VA disability compensation for combat-related disabilities, but will be reduced for those retirees whose retired pay exceeds what they would have received for length of service. Visit

CRSC Application Procedures

Military retirees seeking CRSC must apply to their own branch of service using DD form 2860, Application for Combat-Related Special Compensation, when it is available. The form will be posted at when released, said a DoD spokesperson, and the department will provide details on where and how to apply. Each service will review the applications of its own retirees, with the Department of the Navy reviewing applications for both the Navy and Marine Corps. The service will inform retirees of denied applications and the reason for denial. Those denied CRSC may reapply later if they can show they meet the program criteria, or they may appeal the decision if they believe their disabilities were combat-related, but their service denied compensation.

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