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Winging It! With Dr. Paul


      The very term evokes a vision
      Of unparalleled precision
      In the nitty-gritty, minding-of-the-store
(I doubt that I'm a pilot anymore).

      A new vocabulary too
      for what you see, and feel, and do:
      Bilge and Water Rudder, On the Step and Winch
(If this is aviation, I'm a finch)!

      Just the walkaround inspection
      Can incite an insurrection.
      What we need here is a different set of tools
(It's not so tricky once you learn the rules).

      It's both an airplane and a boat;
      You learn to fly, you learn to float.
      The result is a mobility unmatched
(Since pelicans and seagulls first were hatched).

      An apparition in the night,
      The very pinnacle of flight
      Which if God had not intended man to fly. . .
(He would not have given floats to you and I).

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