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The Haircut
Copyright 1999 by Muriel Hykes, All Rights Reserved

From the time Aubrey Bailey was in third grade, men were stopping him to comment on his thick hair. "How about giving me some of that hair," they would ask. Aubrey thought about it and over supper one night told his Mom, "You know, maybe I should donate my hair for bald men to make wigs."

"You could," agreed his mother, "but maybe there is something else."

"I know!" Aubrey exclaimed, "I could give it to people who lost their hair because of cancer!" Aubrey's mother, Muriel, smiled and told him when the time came, that would be a great idea. So Aubrey grew his hair and kept it trimmed neatly so it would make the finest wig ever. When Aubrey was in fifth grade, his favorite grandmother got cancer. She indeed lost her hair due to chemotherapy and the American Cancer Society helped her with a wig and makeup classes. Aubrey was very upset when the cancer claimed her a year and a half later.

People harrased Aubrey about his hair and called him names. A few times he was even beaten up. He remebered his vow and would not give in to their pressure.

Recently, Lycoming Valley Middle school where Aubrey attends, held its annual Daffodil Days Sale to benefit the American Cancer Society. Last year, they only sold 93 bunches. Aubrey told everyone that if they sold 400 bunches this year, he would cut his hair and donate it to make wigs for chemotherapy patients. Every day, Aubrey and his family listened to the daffodil count. Would the students make it? Students said they would bid for the right to cut Aubrey's hair. Friday came and they were just 20 short of the 400 mark. Students went out and scrambled to get the extra 20 bunches they needed by Monday. Aubrey's best friend, Jeremy, brought in an order for 18 bunches. Other students brought in a few more orders.

On March 18,1999, Aubrey's hair was cut in front of the whole student body. The honor of doing the cutting went to the highest bidder in an auction. This raised another $35 for the American Cancer Society. His hair was sent to Locks of Love, who make real hair wigs for children with permanent hair loss.

Aubrey is in no hurry to grow his hair back, but is proud to have motivated the student body to raise so much money for the Cancer Society. "I hope my hair goes to someone who really needs it," says Aubrey.

"Aubrey is a hero," says Muriel, his mom.

His little brother Erin (5), just cries, "I didn't want Aubrey to cut his hair."

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