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Grandpa Ben Turns 80

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click on thumbnail Paul's father Ben turned 80 on January 10, 1999. The following Saturday his family converged on Miami to honor the occasion. click on thumbnail

click on thumbnail Grandpa Ben cutting the obligatory birthday cake. Instead of eighty candles, prudence and fire codes dictated using two candles in the shape of the numerals "8" and "0". click on thumbnail

click on thumbnail At left, Ben is surrounded by his five daughters and one son (seated l-r Robin, Era. Standing l-r Lori, Evie, Lynnie and Paul).

At right, Ben enjoys the company of ten of his eighteen grandchildren (seated l-r Krystle, Silver, Chris, Grandpa Ben, Joseph. Standing l-r Sherie, Frankie, Michael, Norman, Jonathan, Christina.)

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