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"The Moreau Collection", QST, December 1977
"Alfred Vail - The Man behind the 'Morse' Code", June 1970 CQ
"Classic Keys and Key Collections Revisited", CQ, June 1986
"Return of the Classic Keys", CQ, June 1987
"A Key Bonanza", CQ, November 1990
"More Terrific Keys", CQ, May 1991
"CW Forever: More Keys, Keys, Keys!", CQ, May 1992
"CW Forever: More Keys, Keys, Keys! Part II", CQ, June 1992
"The K5RW Collection", CQ, May & June 1985
"Another World Class Key Special Part I", CQ, April 1993
"Another World Class Key Special Part II", CQ, May 1993
"Morse Mania: The Romance of Keys Continues", CQ, April 95
"Morse Mania: The Romance of Keys Continues Part II", CQ, May 95
"The World of Telegraph and Keys", Radio Communications, April 1993
"The Magic Keys and Code", Radio Communications, June 1993
"Iambic Keyer Paddles", 73 Magazine, December 1992
"History of the Canadian Key", QST Canada, October 1988
"History of the Canadian Key Part II", QST Canada, November 1988
"Foreign and Military Telegraph Keys", Vol. 3, 1988
"Unusual Military Morse Keys", Vol. 8, 1993
"Bug Collecting", News, Vol. 31 #3
"The McElroy Keys", News, Vol. 32 #1