Radio Sideswiper

The Radio Sideswiper by Bunnell 1923-1925

J.H. Bunnell Double Speed Sideswiper

Here is the J.H. Bunnell Double Speed Sideswiper. Ive been told that this key seems to have a different circuit closer and knob and that it was a special limited edition put out by Bunnell for around ten years. It is complete and in very good shape. The Double Speed Key is of the type known as a "sideswiper." Unlike the straight keys , this key is worked by alternating side-to-side movements. Since the left and right contacts are electrically (and mechanically) connected, dots or dashes may be made in either direction. Usually, the code elements were made by working the lever alternating to the left and right irrespective of whether a dot or dash was to be made. The reason for the sideswiper was to avoid the vertical motion of the straight key which was thought to cause the "telegrapher's paralysis" (carpal tunnel syndrome) that afflicted many operators.

Home Brew Sideswiper

Here is what appears to be a home brew sideswiper. It measures app. 4" long and 2" wide. It uses the J.H. Bunnell double speed parts and has the letters WRC stamped into the top of the base and has four rubber feet on the bottom. This piece has been very carefully designed and constructed.