N6TT / K6KEY Antenna's & Station


I started in Amateur (Ham) radio in 1963 at age 11 years old. I didn't get licensed till three years later in 1966 and was issued the call WN6SSO, back then the Novice license was only good for one year and you were crystal controlled. If you didn't up grade with-in that year you were done with Ham radio. And of course there were no VE testing, you had to go down to the local FCC office to take the exam. Also there wasn't multiple choice answers for the code test. You needed a solid one or two minutes of copy that lasted five minutes at 13 or 20 WPM. I passed my General exam the day my Novice licensed expired and waited the many months for the FCC to process my application to WB6SSO . While waiting on the FCC, I decided to take the RadioTelegraph 3rd class which required a 25 WPM sending and receiving test. I passed it but couldn't get a job at any ship to shore stations because I was two young. I use to spend hours at station KOK a local ship to shore station where my ham buddy worked. In the 33 years Ive been licensed Ive confirmed all states, WAZ, WAC, DXCC, ETC. -- 300+ countries all on CW. Although Ive never sent in any cards. I like to work contests but have never sent in any logs since I won the Novice Roundup. I only work CW, and the good Lord gave me the gift of being able to send and receive 60 WPM, its the challenge for me that keeps me active.

      As a young ham I didn't have any money. I could barely afford my Globe Chief 90 (Xtal control) and my Heathkit HR-20 (I built)......I started collecting Telegraph-Wireless pieces a year ago. I don't claim to be an Historian or expert in the field, I just enjoy collecting, restoring, using and researching the different pieces. Alot of the Data I've collected here within the site was found in various articles and I've tried to give credit to everyone involved. I don't have a lot of pieces that are considered RARE, but my collection is growing rapidly. My goal is to promote the art and language of Morse Code. I especially enjoy teaching the code to young people.

      My station consists of a two radio set-up. I designed and built my shack to fit my needs. At the present Im running a Ten-Tec OMNI 6+, Titan 425 Linear Amplifier, and their Automatic Antenna Coupler, SP325, all of which is rack mounted. I use the MFJ-1278B multi-mode data controller along with this set up. I use this set-up on 7MHz & the WARC bands. On the left side of the picture, I'm running the FT1000D, Drake L7 Linear Amplifier, and the Drake MN2700 tuner (both Drakes soon to be replaced) which I use on 3.5, 14, 21 & 28 MHz. I also have various VHF/UHF radio's such as the Alinco DR-600 & DR-110. I own two repeater sites on a local hilltop which have autopatch's, My friends enjoy using them but I very rarely monitor them. I own and have used a lot of different Bugs & keyer paddles that were commercially made, and I use the WBL non-iambic V22 by Stan W9WBL for everyday operating. The WBL handles very well above 50 WPM and it is the only one that I haven't been able to move all around the table while sending.

      My antenna system consists of the US Towers HDX-89MDP motorized crank up which extends 89' (24' HD mast puts antennas up to 110 foot). I'm maxed out here with my one tower antenna system on my 50X150 foot Lot in Beautiful Manhattan Beach, California. At the top is the Ringo Ranger for 144 MHz, Cushcraft 3 elements for the WARC band with the 30 meter add-on at 110', The Force 12 - 3.5 MHz rotatable dipole gets to 105', the Force 12 -- 3 element 7 MHz yagi gets to 100', and at the bottom of the mast which gets to 90 foot is the KLM 34XXA which I've added 18 foot to the boom and two more elements for a total boom length of 48 feet giving me 6 elements on 15 & 20 meters and 8 elements on 10 meters. I use the Orion RC2800P-A rotator which will turn a house. I use both CT and Logic for logging and controlling the radio's, rotor and Data controller's.

      I've held the calls WN6SSO, WB6SSO, WA7ZVV, N7AHN, & now N6TT and K6KEY.....My wife (XYL) holds the call K6XYL.

      I'm always looking to buy and trade Telegraph-Wireless pieces and related books. I've established a pretty good library. One picture shows a small overview of some of my key collection. I have many more pieces I'd like to add to the site as time permits. The tower is cranked down in this picture. I hope you enjoy the site and drop by from time to time. 73, God Bless,