In 1906 just two years after the Vibroplex appeared, W.O. Coffe of Cleveland, Ohio, invented the Mecograph. Vibroplex made dots by creating tension in the spring, while Mecograph utilised release of spring tension. Thus, with that principle they were able to continue the commercial production of Semi-automatic keys and not infringe the Martin patents. Then in 1909, they came back with a smaller version of the Number two model changing the speed control from arbitrary settings to an adjustable slide mounted on the vibrator to control the dot speeds. 1910 saw the only Mecograph that did not have the right-angle principle but utilised a straight lever pendulum. After the death of Benjamin Bellows in 1913 , the Mecograph Company was absorbed by Vibroplex who then listed themselves as the "Vibroplex and Mecograph Company", with J.E. Albright as sole agent for