McElroy McElroy 1938 Standard

In mid-1937, Ted McElroy introduced his "new 1938 Mac Key." It is very much like its 1937 predecessor but for a much-simplified damper assembly and a new, large nameplate. The cast lettering, whether on the bottom or the side, was gone for good. Serial numbers were started anew, this time with three digits. The size of the nameplate,, about 2 1/2" X 3 1/2", allowed McElroy room to state that he was the "world's champion radio telegrapher.Oddly, McElroy didn't advertise the Standard model until six months after introducting the Deluxe 1938 model. The $7.50 Standard bug had a plain black wrinkle finish, no circuit closer or dot stabilizer , and smaller 3/32 contacts. McElroy's still holds the title for world's fastest based on the 24 Dot Word reception, is 75.2 WPM (Words per Minute) July 2, 1939. Serial # 6773