Keyers, Buzzers, Oscillators

Bud Codemaster

* This is a " Bud " -- " Codemaster " Code Oscillator used to practice the morse code... Used in the '50s - '60s ? Anyone have an Ad or other info to add?


This is a electronic tube keyer made in the 60's by EICO model number 717. It has a built in speaker to monitor the code, It has four different speed settings marked A,B,C,D - along with controls for the tone, speed and volume. It has four heavy duty feet on the bottom and measures 8"W, 8"D, 6"H ---

Mon-Key Mon-Key


The Mon-Key was one of the first commercial made electronic keyers and was manufactured by Electric Eye Equipment Co. at 6 West Fairchild Street Danville, ill. The 1948 ads in QST list it as a Electronic Monitor and Key. It has three tubes 2- 12AU7's and 1- 35W4 , Operates from 110 Volts A.C. or D.C... Nominal speeds 10-42 WPM. Some of the ad states ......*It's easy to operate....*easy to read. Press the key to the right for dots....*out they come....*evenly spaced. Press it to the left and get evenly spaced dashes. *Just relax and follow the key...*let the code roll out with perfectly timed rhythm. Send fast or slow...*there's a dial setting to regulate speed. Get on the air with a near perfect fist. It sold for $29.95 . I found it very hard to operate, you really have to work at it. All I could get was about 20 WPM out of it.

Morse Code Trainer

I was told this is a Morse Code trainer from Ft. Monmouth N.J. used to teach the Army Signal Corp recruits the Code. The hand key is a J-38 by Lionel and the sounder on the top has no markings. On the left side of the key is the International Code and on the right is the American Code.