Bunnell Miniature Combination Set & Bunnell secret Sounder

Bunnell Miniature Combination Set & Bunnell secret Sounder

17A       Note that this combination set is shown actual size! Not only does this work, it was availbable in a variety of resistances, including that for main line use. Back in 1918, this miniature set cost about a dollar more then Bunnell's best full-size set.

      Needless to say, the miniature instruments are scarce and highly sought by collectors. But they are out there.

17B       This could be the forerunner of headphones, but you won't hear voices or the beeps of Continental code with it.

      This item illustrates the importance of taking a close look at all the "junk" under the tables at flea markets. Although many people do collect (audio) headphones, something like this might have been passed over by collectors focussed on a set by Cannon or Brandes. But to the telegraph instrument collector who knows what it is, this Secret Sounder could be the centerpiece of a shelf full of sounders.


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