"The Perfect Storm" of Energy





        Because our wind system did not bring our electricity costs down to zero,  we decided to take advantage of very low interest rates in 2003, and refinanced our home, borrowing $50,000 at the same time.  With this strategically-timed "re-fi", we lowered our monthly house payment by cutting our interest payment from 8% to less than 5 %, getting a ten-year loan in the process!  We then took the money and ran!  No, we used these funds to purchase  a solar PV system to further cut our energy costs AND we purchased a Toyota Prius hybrid -- before the current high demand for these vehicles!!  At this point, our house AND our solar PV system will be paid off in just 8 more years!!  So, eight years from now,  we will have NO car payments (unless, of course, we decide to purchase a "plug-in hybrid" or whatever the newest energy-efficient car that's available!), NO house payments and NO electric bills!

        As a result of our large solar PV system, our "all-electric" house is now "carbon free" -- meaning we use no wood, coal, natural gas or propane whatsoever.  We use electricity for everything -- even heating!!

        P.S.  This "Perfect Storm" has paid off for us -- we haven't paid for electricity since October 2003 which is when our solar PV system was installed!!

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Friday September 09, 2005