The N6QAB Suzuki Samurai

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This is the first car that I purchased with the sole purpose of making it a T-hunt vehicle. The convertible top made the the hole in the roof modification quite easy. The antenna system is a 4 element yagi that can be positioned to the vertical or horizontal position from inside the vehicle. It was accomplished with the help of a bungie cord and a small length of nylon rope running down the inside of the hollow fiberglass mast. In the rest position the antenna is in the horizontal position. With a pull of the rope it repositioned to the vertical position. A small loop on the inside end of the rope allows it to secured in position. In addition to the yagi antenna, co-located on the mast is the SuperDF antenna. The antennas are boresited to insure they are in alignment.

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This is a shot of the inside on the Samurai. The gray calculator looking device to the left of the steering wheel is a Loran C receiver. This was the positioning system of choice in 1989. The SuperDF is in front of the steering wheel, sniff amp above the glove box, TR 7950 on left side of hump, Kay attenuator above the gear shift, AOR scanner installed where AM/FM radio would normally be just below the attenuator (hard to see), antenna selector switches on hump, laptop computer on driver seat.

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Because you never know what you may need on T-hunt I carried a wide range of tools and equipment. These are a couple of pictures of what I would carry on the world famous Southern California All Day hunts.

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To list just a few: Extra gas, chain saw, binoculars, first aid kit, jumper cables, tow strap (for the other hunters), flashlights, MRE's, water, maps, maps, and more maps.

To record all the great adventures I was experiencing during the various T-hunts, I installed Hunt Cam in the Samurai. Hunt Cam consisted of a remotely controlled 8mm video camera installed at the back of the vehicle.

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This is a captured image of my good friend Tom Ritchie N6FBH and myself sharing a laugh during a hunt. In view are the electric generating windmills located in the Tehachapi Pass of southern California.

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