The ALTAI 145

The ALTAI 145 is a rugged, yet ergonomically built Soviet 2 meter RDF unit. It incorporates a 3 element yagi type antenna. The antenna elements are made from a "tape measure" like steel, that is flexible yet rigid. It has an externally adjustable attenuator, and is externally tuneable by rotating an analog VFO type frequency dial (silver and black dial).


The ALTAI 145 is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and comes with an AC recharger. During a ARDF competition in Victoria, BC, I was quite surprised to see the Soviet competitors installing regular 9v alkaline "transistor" batteries in their ALTAI 145's. It seems that the factory nicad voltage is close enough to the 9v battery to be used reliably.

Like the Mizuho units, the ALTAI 145 provides it's user with both an aural signal meter and receiver audio by way of headphones (not shown). The unit is equipped with an on/off switch, a 50 dB momentary switch, and a switch to turn off the receiver audio (voice).

While it is not as sensitive as the Mizuho units, has no external signal meter, and can be easily knocked off frequency with just the bump of the dial, the ALTAI 145 is my favorite sniffer. Perhaps it's lack of sensitivity makes it less susceptible to reflections.

I used the ALTAI 145 during the recent CQVHF National Foxhunt weekend.

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