The SuperDF

The SuperDF is an inexpensive unit that can be used with any unmodified Narrow Band FM radio, including scanners (not for use with AM radios). No other electronic equipment is required. The setup below consists of the SuperDF control unit, the SuperDF folding antenna, and HT.


Since the SuperDf uses phase information only, signal strength is not a factor. Because of this, an attenuator is not needed, and the unit resists overloading. A "S" meter is not required. The unit can be used at a base station with an antenna mounted on a rotor, on a mobile, or on-foot with a Hand Held receiver or transceiver.

I used the SuperDF to win the individual gold medal for Foxhunting at the 1991 FARS FRG-91 Friendship Radiosport Games in Portland, Oregon.


For specs on the SuperDf Click here

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