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The new TH-D7A is equipped with a built-in AX.25 TNC for simple packet operation or to be used with a handheld GPS (NMEA-0813 compatible) as a full function APRS(TM) Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System. The TH-D7A is capable of reporting exact position, speed and heading as well as calculation of distance to destination. The TH-D7A can also be used for APRS(TM) messaging to send up to 45 character messages through APRS(TM) or APRS(TM) Internet gateways without the use of a PC. Additional features such as advanced functions and capabilities with the VC-H1 Visual Communicator and HF SkyCommand operation with the Kenwood TS-570 D/S or TS-870S series radios are possible. The new unique jog/cursor key makes navigation through the TH-D7A features a breeze. The TH-D7A now makes DATA communications simple and easy.

Official info from Kenwood on the TH D7A firmware upgrade.

Feb. 24, 1999

To: Kenwwood TH-D7A Owners

Subject: TH-D7A Firmware Upgrade Release

In an ongoing effort to provide industry leading support for our products, Kenwood has released Service Bulletin ASB-1063. kensb1a.jpg - 2485 Bytes This bulletin can be found on Kenwood's FTP site. Kenwood would like to express appreciation to customers who have assisted in discovering software improvements that have been fixed in the new firmware. We are happy to report that new TH-D7A radios recently shipped to Authorized Kenwood Dealers have the new firmware upgrade already.

Existing TH-D7A owners can send radios in for the upgrade to Kenwood Service Center West ONLY, since special equipment is required to perform the work. Suggestion: If your normal operation pattern is not affected by situations needing an upgrade, you may consider waiting for any future upgrades that may be considered.

Kenwood realizes the potential of customer participation for improving our product features. Comments on the newsgroups and listservers are welcomed.

You can download Service Bulletin ASB-1063REV1 using the direct path listed below:

If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer and have difficulty getting to the FTP site try this address:

Note: This latest bulletin is in the .PDF format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. In the near future all currently listed bulletins will be converted to the .PDF format for faster downloads and clearer printable copies.

Note: This bulletin only applies to TH-D7A transceivers sold in the U.S.A. This information may not be valid for other TH-D7 equipment sold in Europe or other markets.

Thank you,

Kenwood Communication Corporation Long Beach, CA

Feb. 17, 1999

Thank you for your concerns regarding firmware updates for the TH-D7A. An announcement will be issued soon. Excuse us while we issue proper instructions to our technicians for the upgrade and handling. Kenwood wants to make sure there is minimal downtime when you send in your radio for the upgrade.

Please note that the firmware upgrade is intended for radios sold in the U.S.A. only. There may be restrictions for the upgrade for other markets outside of the U.S.A.

Kenwood Communications Corp.

Long Beach, CA

Feb. 2, 1999

To: Kenwood TH-D7A owners/APRS group

There is no need to be alarmed. Kenwood Europe (rumor) may have used the term "recall". The European TH-D7E may have been delayed for release because it does not have "Demand Assigned Multiple Access" (DAMA) Packet standard. This only affects the European versions and has nothing to do with the North American versions, TH-D7A.

As for the North American models (TH-D7A) there will be an update in the firmware in the near future. With help from the APRS users and Bob Bruninga, Kenwood is planning to re-write new changes into the current production (radios manufactured in Feb.). My suggestion to all new TH-D7A owners (purchased before Feb.) to excercise a little patience before rushing to get the latest upgrade. Kenwood will announce the update info and instructions to send radios to our service centers. Kenwood will make the announcement as soon as we determine the most efficient and quickest method to update radios. Details regarding serial number production ranges will also be announced.

My suggestion is to hold out for a little while to determine if there are any other changes that APRS users may suggest in the near future. I know this message will get alot of attention. Note to the group: Please no questions at this time, stay tuned for future announcements.

Kenwood Communications"

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