Go on a Fox Hunt with N6QAB

The images below were captured from a story that was done on the Albuquerque T-Hunters by NBC affiliate, Ch 7 Action News TV reporter Rick Murray. If you have Quick Time loaded on your computer you can view the digitized (small file) version of the story complete with sound. Click here to view Quick Time clip. Or you can just view the pictures below

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---Intro by Abq. Ch 7 newscaster.--The starting point for the Fox Hunt------"I'd Rather be T-Hunting".----N6QAB explaining the object of the Hunt.

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------Some of the gadgetry.--------Taking a bearing on the Transmitter.--Plotting the bearing on the map.----Time to go, the Hunt begins.

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Checking the map at the red light.- Remote S meter w/ built in attenuator. ----------The Sniff Amp.---------- -----Homing in on the Fox.------

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----This bush looks suspicious.------ The Fox!

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