Welcome to N6PJL's web page! My name is Karen Young and I have been a ham for 18 years (this time around). I had a novice license back in 1974. At that time novice licenses were only good for two years, and I was not ready to upgrade, so I let the license lapse. I decided to get a novice license again about ten years later (KB6IJL), and got my general in 1986. I upgraded to advanced in 1989. Interestingly enough, I first got interested in ham radio because I liked the idea of communicating in CW, but never have used CW much since that time (hence the reason why I have never upgraded to amateur extra class!)

I am a high school science and math teacher by profession. I teach at Serrano High School in Phelan at the southern edge of California's Mojave Desert. Since my education is in astronomy, and I am an avid amateur astronomer, I enjoy teaching Earth and Space Science (especially the space science part!), as well as Pre-algebra and Algebra 1. Homework web page.

I also have an interest in languages, especially Russian . I took Russian in college, but found it difficult to increase my vocabulary until we got on the internet. Now the sky is the limit. There is news to keep up with, and astronomy web pages to read, and the ability to communicate clear across the world quickly by e-mail. And to think, twenty years ago people wondered what the average person would do with a personal computer!!

You might want to take a look at my genealogy page . If you think we are related, I would like to hear from you!  You will also find my not-so-short personal history .

I am starting a collection of pictures, both astronomical and otherwise.

This web page is probably going to grow slowly, but come back periodically and see what's new. You might also want to check out my OM's well-established web page--W7FTT .  He has a fantastic picture gallery with many astronomy images as well as other more down-to-earth stuff.

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