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Ham interests: Antennas( I follow rec.radio.amateur.antenna for discussion of antenna designs.): quad2m.html
Files Available from ftp.qsl.net/pub/n6mce/: quad2m.txt The N6MCE 2 M Quad.

On the Bands, I may be found on CW
40 Meters CW 7.127, 7.025-45
20 Meters CW 14.127, 14.025-.045
15 Meters CW 21.127, 21.025-.045 In the San Francisco Bay Area 2 Meter Repeaters:
145.11 - 600 No PL
146.52 Simplex
147.24 +600 No PL In Marin County, CA, find me and a free internet onramp at InfoWay by having your modem call (415) 898-8427 or 898-6918, and select Ham Radio conference or send me email Don.Phelps@infoway.com.

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Thanks be to God and k3tkj of qsl.net!
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