Dummy Load Construction

This will document my version of the K4EAA Dummy load. Although Ken is not the original designer of this load, this is his version of it. I did make some slight changes to what he did on his. It is a rather simple load and consists of the following parts.

1) 1 quart paint can

2) 20 1K ohm 3 Watt Resistors

3) Piece of brass sheet

4) BNC connector, BAV21 Diode, .01uf 250V Capacitor, and binding posts.


More info can be found at the following website.


During the original mock up I was going to put the capacitor on the top of the can like KE4AA suggested, but instead decided that I would mount the Capacitor in the can for a clean look.

So far the load works as designed, the power reading via DMM works great. Very cheap, and effective!