Fletchers Ice Island T-3 Winter 1959/60 KG1DT/KL7FLB

The radio shack is on the left, a Telerex tribander (armstrong   Collins KWS-1 & 75A-4 setup. Notice the Vibroplex Blue Racer
rotator) on the forfront left.  Chow hall and Latrine center            on the desk. I still have and use it. Purchased in 1955. Most of
right.      Picture taken September 1959. The tower that              the traffic was handled on CW. Phone patches on SSB.
the picture was taken from was felled shortly afterward. It
was no longer needed.

My parents K4MVI - Bill, and K4MVR - Margaret working me  This was the 6 meter beacon setup on Ice Island.
on Ice Island. Dad was an old telegrapher on the B&O RR.

I received the following with some pictures taken during the summer of 1961. Lots of changes to the comm. shack noticeable.

The KWS-1’s were replaced by KWT-6’s. The SP-600 replaced by R-390’s.

Hi Ron,


I saw on your web site that you were on T-3 ( Bravo).


I was stationed there from Mar. 1961 to Sept. 61.( as radio op)   The call sign at that time was KL7FLB( floating like a brick).


I was stationed at Eielson for a year before going to T-3.  The T-3 radio op before me was I think a W2 ( I can't remember his call)  who operated as  a maritime mobile. He did not use the KL7FLB call.


Do you have contact with any other T-3 vets? I have tried in the past to locate anyone who was stationed there but no luck.


Call N4PT ( ex W3ZDK )






The upper right picture is the comm. shack at Eielson, the other end of the circuit with T-3.

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