Competitive Cables 

Custom Cabling Solutions for Competitive Radio Amateurs

by Robert E. Naumann N5NJ

KM-1 Mic adapter for 8-pin Kenwood Radios

KM-2 Mic adapter for 4-pin Kenwood Radios

YM-1 Mic adapter for 8-pin Yaesu Radios

IM-1 Mic adapter for 8-pin Icom Radios


Custom made by N5NJ in Plano, TX.

One year full replacement warranty.

$14 Shipped via Priority Mail

Please email any questions to [email protected]

To order, send a check or money order in the amount of $14 to:

Robert E. Naumann

3568 Teakwood Lane

Plano, TX 75075-1752



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