6 Meter

Add the excitement of the 50Mhz amateur band easily to any modern ham transceiver, including all those 20-Meter-Only QRP rigs.

T-kit Model no. 1208 Six-Meter Transverter Kit.......... $95.00
T-kit Model no. 1208A Six-Meter Transverter Wired/Tested. $159.00

A transverter lets you transmit as well as receive on 6 Meters using the precision digital tuning, available modes, memories and other features of your HF transceiver. It's simple: 14.000 Mhz on your display or dial becomes 50.000 MHz. To operate SSB on 50.200 MHz simply switch the 1208 to 6 Meters, tune to 14.200, keep transceiver output power under 5 watts and just go for it! The 8 watts RF output is generous power during good band opeings and for local communications and repeaters.


  • Use with any transceiver capable of 3-5 watts on 20 meters
  • Extremely simple hookup and operation
  • Low-noise 50-54 MHz receiving output
  • Easy front panel switching between HF and 6M modes
  • Fast, silent RF sensing PIN diode T-R switching


  • 12 to 15 VDC at 3.0 amps required.
  • 8 watts typical RF output at 51 MHz.
  • Standard 20M transceiver required.
  • FM operation transceiver dependent.
  • Receive 50-54 MHz. Transmit 50-52 Mhz.
  • Input must be 5 watts or less.

Here are excerpts of what QST had to say about the 1208 transverter kit in their PRODUCT REVIEW:

"No HF radio? The price of the transverter and a used HF radio (or a new Ten-Tec Scout) can be well below the price of the lowest-priced new HF/6-meter combination radio. The transverter even works with some of the low-power transceiver kits out on the market, The Ten-Tec 1208 is an inexpensive way to explore the possibilities of a new band. Besides, it's a great feeling putting something you've built on the air."

"Although the basic idea is simple, the unit is a sophisticated piece of circuitry that includes attenuators, an oscillator, mixer, 50-MHz receive and transmit circuitry, and appropriate filters. Almost everything is mounted on a single, high-quality double-sided circuit board. Components are also of high quality"

"Ten-Tec has done an excellent job with the manual for the 1208; it's reminiscent of those included with the kits of yesteryear"

"The Ten-Tec 1208 is a handy and economical way to check out the 6-meter band. Its small size means you don't have to build another room for it, and it works well mobile, too. It's a fun kit to build, and it should introduce many more people to 6 meters."

(reprinted from QST magazine, June 1996, by permission of the American Radio Relay League)