How to program the Uniden BC780XLT
Scanner for LTR trunking

This page can be used to program your BC780XLT scanner if your
LCN order IS already known.
	1) Choose the memory bank you want to use in your BC780XLT
	   scanner for LTR trunking.
	2) Then Press the ‘Menu’ key on your scanner
	3) Scroll down the menu to number ‘3: Trunk Data’ and press ‘Select’.
	4) Choose what bank you want to use for LTR trunking and press ‘Select’
	5) The very first menu item you see is ‘1: Trunk Type’ press the 
	   ‘Select’ key again.
	6) Scroll down the menu until you see ‘8: LT’ and press ‘Select’
	7) For now, just press the ‘Menu’ key on your radio 3 times to get 
	   back to the main screen for scanning.
	8) Now just press the ‘trunk’ key on the radio and you should see 
	   ‘trunk’ appear on the scanner screen.

We will use Sevier County Tennessee LTR as an example here:
	Sevierville:	11) 460.02500 13) 453.65000 14) 451.07500
			15) 453.87500 16) 453.51250 18) 460.62500
			19) 453.38750

	When you already have your LCN order all you have to do is
	program the frequency into the appropriate memory channel.
	Example from above freqs:

	LCN 11) 460.025 will go into memory channel 11 of your scanner.
	(or into memory channel 111, 211, 311, 411, etc… depending on
	what bank you use) Then PRESS AND HOLD  the trunk key until you
	see the letter ‘L’ appear just to the left of ‘trunk’ on the 
	scanner screen. This makes this memory channel ‘LTR’.

	LCN 13) 453.650 will go into memory channel 13 of your scanner.
	(or into memry channel 113, 213, 313, 413, etc… depending on
	what bank you use) Then PRESS AND HOLD the trunk key until you
	see the letter ‘L’ appear just to the left of ‘trunk’ on the 
	scanner screen. This make this memory channel ‘LTR’.

	(Just keep doing this until you have ALL frequencies programmed
	into the appropriate memory channels.)

	Once you have ALL frequencies programmed, then all you have to 
	do is hit scan. Your scanner in now scanning the LTR trunk system.

Ok now, if you have LTR id’s, you can program your ID list with the ID’s 
used in your area.

We will use Sevier County again here as an example:
		0-14-124	Sevier County Fire Department
		0-16-124	Sevier County Fire Department
		0-18-109	Wears Valley Volunteer Fire Department
These are only 3 id’s from Sevier County we will use for this page to 
explain how to program them.

	1)  Press the ‘Menu’ key on the scanner
	2)  Scroll down and select ‘3: Trunk Data’
	3)  Then slect the memory bank you chose to use for the LTR trunk
	    system and press the ‘Select’ key again.
	4)  Scoll down until you see ‘5: Progran ID’ and press ‘select’
	5)  You will now see ‘Location 1-1’. This is a location list 
	    in the scanner. Press ‘Select’ again.
	6)  You now see ‘1: ID’, press ‘Select’
	7)  Now just enter your ID
	    For example: 0-14-124
	    Just enter it exactly like this: 014124 and press the ‘E’ key
	    to enter it into the scanner list.
	8)  Then you see ‘2: Alpha Tag’, press ‘Select’ and use the ‘VFO’
	    knob to scroll through the letters and when you find the 
	    letter you want, use the up and down arrows to move the 
	    cursor to the next letter. Keep doing this until you have 
	    named the ID. Then press the ‘E’ key
	9)  When you are done with that ONE id you just entered, hit the
	    ‘Menu’ key.
	10) You will now use the up arrow key to select another ID list 
	    location and enter in you Second ID. Just keep doing  steps 
	    6 through 9 over and over until you have ALL you ID’s inputted
	    into the scanner along with the alpha tags.
	11) Once you are done entering your ID’s, just keep hitting the 
	    ‘Menu’ key until you arrive back at the main scanning screen.
	12) Then hit the ‘Scan’ button and you are scanning the LTR system.
	13) If you want, while you are scanning, you can hit the ‘Search’ 
	    button. This will allow the scanner to continually search for 
	    NEW id’s that might appear from time to time as new users 
	    come onto the system. If you have all the id’s you want to 
	    hear and DO NOT want to hear everything new pooping up, just 
	    hit the ‘Search’ button again and you will only hear what you 
	    have programmed into your ID list that you created earlier.

This can be a long process to enter in ALL the ID’s, so don’t get 
in a hurry.
There are program’s available to purchase that makes programming the 
BC780XLT a lot easier so you might want to consider those options. But
The programs don’t teach you how to program your scanner, you just fill 
in the information and it will do all the work. I have always found it 
best to know how to program any scanner, then use programs to do it for you.
That way you know what the program is doing in case something happens and you 
wind up having to do it by hand anyhow.

I hope this helps you out, it is just a basic explanation but it does get 
your scanner programmed for LTR Trunking.

Take care and God Bless,
Danny N4YEK

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