Arduino Morse Code Trainer by Tom Lewis, N4TL

My article on this appeared in the September 2016 QST on page 39

There is a new version of the sketch that does not need a keyboard. Read the last

two pages of the "How to build a simplified code trainer" Document.

How to build a simplified code trainer

Version 2.1 of the sketch by Tom N4TL

No Keyboard Version by Mike Hughes, KC1DMR

Both versions operate the same. The no keyboard version is recommended.

Figure one, shows the original setup using a breadboard and jumper wires from the Arduino to the breadboard and LCD display

Figure two, shows the IO board before it was assembled.

Figure three, shows the Arduino with the IO board plugged into it sitting in a Lustroware 13 oz. food container.

Figure four, shows the Arduino, the IO board and the LCD display plugged into each other in the food container.