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As the name implies, The Quad Cities Amateur Radio Association is a very diverse network of individuals in the “Quad Cities” area of Alabama… Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Sheffield and surrounding areas, all brought together because of a shared interest and enjoyment of amateur radio or “ham” radio.

“What is Amateur Radio?”  “What’s a Ham?”  We’ll it’s not your lunch. 
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Amateur Radio Operators are Licensed and Governed by the Rules and Regulations set and enforced by the Federal Communications Commission.  Adhering to and abiding by Part 97 of these FCC Rules, the QCARA has developed a reliable network of communications systems (also known as “Repeaters”) on the VHF and UHF Amateur Bands, that are open for use to any Amateur Radio Operator, holding the basic first-level Technician Class License or higher.  A detailed list of these systems are on the “The QCCN” page.

The QCARA does not collect “club dues” from anyone for participation with the group.  All on-going expenses for repeater systems and related things are procured and used on an individual basis as needed, within the group. Yes, we do “Pass around the Kitty” for certain expenses, but those are approached as needed. 

The Quad Cities Amateur Radio Association is an “informal” group of like-minded amateur radio operators that get together collectively and/or individually to meet, share, teach or talk amateur radio, current events, sports, weather etc., both in-person or on-air.

Instead of basing the Group on ‘typical’ Amateur Radio Club “standards” and "political structure", the Quad Cities Amateur Radio Association foundation is built to embrace an already-firm recognition of the values and traditions of amateur radio within the participants, educate any interested persons, and further the interest in the hobby through young people, to keep the hobby alive for centuries to come.

The Association hopes to attract other individuals looking for a place to meet other like-minded hams and learn something new about ham radio, without all the political and financial “trappings” of the typical Amateur Radio Club.

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The QCARA is not your standard Politically-Formed “Amateur Radio Club”.  We do not place trusts in official seats such as “Club President”, “Vice President”, “Club Secretary”, etcetera.  No one participant has larger or smaller grandeur over another within the Group.  It is paramount to remember that Amateur Radio is a hobbyPeriod.  We choose to not involve any political structure in a facet that can essentially help serve your community.  Enjoyment of the hobby and camaraderie is a couple of the prime foundations of the QCARA.

The QCARA is solely a ‘Non-Denominational’ Amateur Radio group, that is, a group that is not branded to or directly affiliated with any Skywarn, ARES, RACES, or networks of the like.  This is not because we are vocally closed-off from use of or accepting these various services.  Again, this is only a hobby.  Hams are, in fact, ‘not’ required to tie themselves to any such group to exercise your licensed privileges and participate in the activities of Amateur Radio.  We serve our communities individually and collectively, without such applying such “labels” to our collective and individual efforts.

The organization was founded by Terry Lester, KQ4RA; Josh Hatton, W4ZZK; and Barry Canerday, AB4RC; and has been officially chartered with the Federal Communications Commission under the Call Sign N4QCA.  The trustee of the Association’s On-Air Privileges is Barry, AB4RC.

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