Aircraft Bibliography

NOAA Sectional Aeronautical Charts - The basic item for frequency and airspace information

NOAA Helicopter Route Charts - Great to have if you live in an area where they're used. Click the link to see if you live in such an area.

NOAA Low Altitude Enroute Charts - For Instrument Flights at or below 18,000 feet. Helpful to more experienced monitors who are delving into the route system and air traffic control.

NOAA Airport/Facility Directory - Exhaustive listing of public airports. If you hang out near a smaller airport, this may provide you with some good info that the charts won't contain.

NOAA Instrument Approach Procedures - Using the approach information requires some expertise, but the chief attraction is the runway/taxiway map provided for most major airports.

Field Guide To Airplanes of North America  (M. R. Montgomery & Gerald L. Foster, c1992 Houghton Mifflin)- A truly serious identification aid for aircraft found in North America. Using pencil drawings and the ID system of the Petersen Field Guides, this book really helps you to choose between similar looking aircraft. Fantastic! 2nd Edition includes helicopters.

Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook (Tab Practical Flying Series)- This is a must, if you really want to understand what's going on. One caveat: This book is meant for pilots and presumes that you already have some basic aviation/navigation knowledge. 

Understanding Aeronautical Charts (Tab Practical Flying Series) - This covers all types of charts, and also helps to expand and clarify concepts from the Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook. This will unlock a lot of doors for those who want to become more advanced.

The Pilot's Air Traffic Control Handbook (Tab Practical Flying Series) - A third in this trio of Tab books that provides information of interest to the listener.

AIM/FAR 1998 - The Airman's Information Manual/Federal Aviation Regulations is the most exhaustive and versatile reference available. Updated yearly.

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