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ARINC Frequency Project

Here, we can accumulate info on the use of ARINC frequencies.

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Frequency User Locations
129.350 SF Radio NY-Chicago, IN, OH, IL
129.400 SF Radio Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, N.England & Great Lakes
129.425 UPS nationwide
129.450 SF Radio NYC thru Carolinas & GA, also IL, IA & NE
129.900 New York Radio Flights off the east coast, enter/exit USA
130.250 Alcoa RIC
130.425 SF Radio Ground stations for airports w/no route RCO
130.775 CSX Corp RIC
131.050 Comair ROA, LYH  hubbing to Cincinatti
131.425 US Jet RIC
131.450 Delta Airlines RIC
131.550 ACARS nationwide
131.625 DHL nationwide
131.825 Federal Express (was Flying Tiger Line)
131.925 Federal Express nationwide
131.950 American Express hubbing to RDU



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