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Robert Stone Duggan, Jr.


Kathleen Ringwald Duggan

1112 Mason Woods Drive

Atlanta, GA 30329-3804, USA


Bob Duggan Family

Kathleen and I celebrated our 53rd anniversary on 20 November 2007. Our family includes our five children and our ten grandchildren.

Our children and their families include ...

Our son Robert III (Robin) , his wife Bonnie, and their daughter Natalie Carol in Frederick, MD.

Our son Christopher (Chris) , his wife Beth, and their children Celestia Kathleen (Katie) and Christopher, Jr. near Atlanta

Our daughter Kathleen Elizabeth (Betsy), her former husband Jeffrey (Jeff) Johnson, their daughter Mary Kathleen, and their twin sons Robert Louis and Glenn Thomas in Atlanta

Our son Timothy (Tim), his wife Terry, and their son Timothy Benjamin and daughter Suzanne Nicole now living near Tucson, AZ.

Our daughter Heather, her husband Charles (Fella) Clements, and their daughters Allison Elizabeth and Caroline Ansley near Atlanta.

Other family photos may be found on our Tripod pages.


Bob is a retired Electronics Engineer: BEE highest honors '51, MSEE '56 from Georgia Tech (Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, & Phi Kappa Phi honor societies).   With over 32 years with Lockheed, Bob is also a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander (including electronics service on the USS Keppler DD765 and USS Rowe DD564).   His hobbies include...

Amateur radio (N4IA, ex-W4MIA) with 351 countries confirmed (DXCC Honor Roll) and one more worked -- but still need North Korea, Scarborough Reef, Swain I., & Montenegro.  Met in Moscow (1971) Arctic Explorer Ernst Krenkel (RAEM) - a Hero of the Soviet Union.  Operated from the USSR (1975) on UK75SW.  Was an early American ham to operate from China on BY1PK in Beijing (1983) and later (1986) BY4RN in Nanjing.  Operated from Australia (1948) on VK2MZ, from Guantanamo Bay (1952) on KG4AN, and the ITU in Geneva (1971) on 4U1ITU.

Surfing the Internet and World Wide Web, looking for new countries (252 on the WWW and another 5 on E-mail). [To see Web URL links to these countries, see the page by Steve Gibbs on the Island of Guernsey].

Foreign languages: Spanish & Russian, also studied German, French, Arabic, and Chinese

Serving since 1948 the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) on numerous committees and boards and also as IEEE Region 3 Director in 1984-5 and IEEE Vice President in 1987.  A Life Senior Member, he received the IEEE Centennial Medal in 1984 and the IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 2000. He was also selected as a member of IEEE exchange delegations to the USSR (1971, 1975, & 1978) and the Peoples Republic of China (1980 & 1983).

He was a Registered Professional Engineer in Georgia for many years and was named an Associate Fellow in AIAA.   

Kathleen (a Sullins graduate and a BS 1951 from Peabody) is a retired elementary school teacher. Her hobbies include...


Flowers and gardening

Both Bob and Kathleen share interests in...

Genealogy (see NOTE below)

Travel (66 countries and 50 states for Bob, 59 countries and 48 states for Kathleen so far)

ElderHostel (fourteen so far, along with some six "ElderHappenings")

Working with international students through AMIS, Atlanta's First Presbyterian Church (where both are retired Elders), and its International Sunday School Class.

The Friendship Force (four exchanges and five hostings, including a trip around the world across Russia & Siberia in July 1997)

NOTE: In our genealogy research we have amassed a database of over 111,400 names. Both our ancestry lines have been traced back to European royalty, including William the Conqueror.

Bob's mother was Dutch; Kathleen's father was of German ancestry. We both have English, Irish, and Scots ancestry.

Some of the 300+ surnames in our family tree in which we are interested include the following:

Abbink, Adair/Addair, Adams, Alber, Alexander, Algar, Allen, Ashby, Baier, Baker, ten Barje, Barker, Barton, Bathurst, Beernink/Biernink, te Beeste, Belchier, Belgrave, Bemers, Bennekink, Benson, Bent, Beskamp, Beuckenhorst, Bigge/Bygge, Bihler, Bijfank, Billups, Bishop, Blair, Blanchard, Boeijinck, Bonnekink, Borninkhoff, Bostock, Bouwers, Bouwmeijster, Braun, Brent, Brooks, Brorink, Brothers, Bruggers, Buers, Burgess, de Calne, Cheely, Cheevers, Chenduit, Cone, Contzelmann, Cooper, Cording, Cossink, Cowley, Crawford, Crawley, Croshaw, Curson, Curtis, Damcot/Damkott, Daniell, Daub, Davis, Delaney/Dulaney, de Ryck, DiHorne, Dijksbos, Dineley, Douglas, Driver, Drommelers, Duggan, Duggin, Dulmes, Dumewijk, Dunnewold, de Eccheshall, Eefsinck, Eiler, Elink, Emmink, Emmitt, Erdley, ten Esche, de Esseby, Esselink, Fisher, Fleischmann, Fokkink, Forbes, Foscott, Frederick, Freeman, Freers/Vreers, French, Frisby, Frost, Fulthorpe, Garnett, Garrad, Gebbink, Gielink, Glascock, Glenn, Goldhatch, Gordon, Gosens, Gosling, Gossinck, Greene, Griggs, ten Groode, Gross, Gussinklo, Hadelstone, Haer, Hagler/Hägler/Haigler, Hall, Hamilton, Hapgood, Harbison, Harcourt, Hardy, Harpsfield, Harrell, Hatton, Hauser, Haveste, Heil, Helmerdink, Hemink, Hengevelt, Henley, Hermelink, Heselrige, Hewey, Heynlen, Highsmith, Higinck, Hijink, Hillen, Hitch, Hofste, Holdenby, Holme, Horbelinck, Hoornenborg, Howard, Hubbard, Hudson, Huinink/Huijnink, ten Hulsen, Hunders, Huninck, Hyman, Hymayns, Ienen, Isham, Jaque, Jason, Jentink, Johnson, Johnstone, Joyce, Keith, Keller, Kenan, te Kerckhof, Killingsworth, King, Kirby, Kirton, Klomps, Klumpers, Knabb, Koelwagen, Koennink/Keunnink, Körner, te Kolstee, Kraft, Krauss, Kresses, Krosenbrink, Laier, Langford, de Lathberrie, Lauck/Laux, Legters/Lichterink/Ligterink, Lenoir, Lesink, Lewis, Lightfoot, Lilly, Linder, Little, Lobeek, Lunsden, Luscombe, Lutjenkossink, to Lynthem, Maddox/Maddux, Mallory, Malpass/Molpus, Man, Manning, Markfield, Marshall, Martin, Massey/Massie, Masterson, ter Mate, Mathew, Matz, Mawle, Meade, Meerdink/Mierdinck, Meinen/Meijnen, Mentink, Mills, van Miste, Moesebrink/Muisebrink, Mohler, Montague, Myal, Nicholas, Nijenhuis, Norris, ter Oelewick, Oesminck, Offley, Oonck, Owen, Parker, Parks, Partridge, Parye, Paul, Paynell, Peachey, Peerdecamp, Pfuhl, Piersol/Pearsall/Pershall, Pijpers, Pleckenpol, Porter, Potter, Powell, Price, Ramaker, Ramsford, Ransome, Ravenett/Rabinette, Reese, Reesink/Resink, Renegar/Renninger, Rensink, Resink, Reurink, Reuselink/Roeslink, Rice, Richardson, Rijckers/Rikkers, Ringwald, Robbins/Robins, Robinson, de Rodes, Rogers, Rolleston, Roockes, Roper, Rosijn, Rowse, Rühl, te Rule, Sailin, te Samberg, Sanders, Sandford, Sautter, Schening, Schirmer/Shemer, Schneider, Scholl, Scholten/Schulten, Schoppers, Schreurs, Schuerink, Scott, Sellink, Sevinck, Sijbink, Sikkink, Small, Smith, Smithwick, Speller, Stanley, Stanton, de Staunton, Stearns, Sterne, Stewart, Stiball, Stokes, Stone, Stowe, te Stroet, Strutt, Sumner, Swinnerton, Symonds, Taylor, Teijlers, Thoma, Thomas, Thompson, Timson, Tritton, Ubbink, Ulrich, Umminger, Van Hoose, Van Nordstrand, Vessey, Vogel, Vögelin, Vogelzang, te Voorde, te Voortwis, Wade, Wafford, Walker, Walworth, Wamelink, Wanders, Wandisford, Ward, Ware,Warren, Wasse, Wekamp, Wendel, Wennink, Wentworth, Westby, White, Wicherts, Widmaier, Wiggers, Willink/Wijllinck, Wilterdink, ter Wische, te Wocht/Woght, Wolterink, Young, and Zürn

Some Duggan genealogy references include the following:

  • Bob's Duggan family register from 1660: Descendants of William Duggan[1.44 MB]

  • Lyman K. Duggan's Duggan-Dugan-Dougan Family Homepage

  • Some Dutch genealogy references include the following:

  • The NedGen Genealogy search engine

  • The Gelderland Dutch ancestry of my mother, Bertha T. Legters [60 kb]

  • Gelderland Dutch genealogy of Yvette Hoitink

  • Gelderland Dutch genealogy of John Geurkink

  • Some German genealogy references are the following:

  • Kathleen's Ringwald family register from ca. 1620: Descendants of Jörg Ringwald

  • The Ringwald Genealogies

  • German genealogy page

  • Baden-Württemberg surnames page

  • View our database!
    Bob and Kathleen's ahnentafels and numerous family registers have been deposited at our Roots Web Registers page. The Family Registers accessible there include Adams, Addair, Beckerink, Beernink, Bemers, Bent, Bigge, Billups, Bouwmeester, Brown, Bruggers, Burgess, Cheely, Clements, Cone, Cowley, Damcott/Damkot, Debbink, Dekle, Dempsey, Deunk/Duenk, Duggan, Dulaney/Delaney, Dulmes, Dunnewold, Elink, Eskew, Frederick, Freeman, Freers, French, Frost, Gheesling, Gilmore, Glenn, Gross, Gussinklo, Gussinkloe, Hagler, Harrell, Heinen, Hesselink, Highsmith, Hijink, Hitch, Hogenboom, Hoitink, Huinink, Hyman, Johnson, Johns(t)on, Jordan/Jourden, Joyce, Kenan, Killingsworth, Kimsey, Kirby, KleinHesselink, Klomps, Lanier, Lauck/Laux, Legters, Lenoir, Linder, Maddux, Malpass, Manning, Martin, Massey/Massie, Meerdink, Meinen, Mentink, Moeckel, Neckers/Nekker, Nijenhuis, Oonk, Owen, Parks, Pietenpol, Pleckenpol, Plyler, Porter, Potter, Purcell, Ramaker, Rauwerdink, Reesink/Resink, Renegar/Renninger, Reuselink/Roeselink, Rice, Ringwald, Robins/Robbins, Rodes, Roerdink, Rowse, Rühl, Schreurs, Sellink, Sikkink, Smithwick, Stanley, Stanton, Stone, Stowe, TeBeeste, TenDolle, TenHaken, TenHulsen, teKolstee, TenPas, TeSelle, TeStege, TeStrake, TeWinkle, Trawick, Umminger, VanHooser, Walker, Warde, Wiggers, Willink, Wilterdink, Wolterink, and Zürn.

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