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Amateur Radio Manufacturers
1296 MHz EME Equipment by KB2AH
A/D Technologies Inc - repeater controllers.
AAA Solar Service and Supply AAE Bandmaster Enterprises - Antenna manufacturer.
ADI Radio - Premier Communications - Radios, antennas, and accessories.
AEA - Antenna, analyzers, and accessories
AKD - Mfr. of VHF transceivers and filters (U.K.)
Accurate Screw Co - hardware for electronics
Acron-Zeit Arc Time Clocks - Atomic radio controlled clock.
Advanced Digital Systems - Georgia ham dealer.
Advanced Electronics Applications, Inc. - TNC's etc.
Alberta Printed Circuits Ltd. - Proto Type Printed Circuit Board Fabricators Alinco Electronics, Inc. - Amateur radio manufacturer.
All Electronics Corp. - Electronics surplus, Van Nuys, CA.
Allied Electronics, Inc. - Electronics supplier, Fort Worth, TX.
Alltronics - some BA parts
Almost All Digital Electronics - Hobbyist supplies and kits
Aluma Tower Company - Aluminum towers
Amateur Electronic Supply - Milwaukee, WI.
Amateur Radio Buy, Sell Swap shop By N9ZLE
Amateur Radio Classified Database
Amateur Radio Corner
Amateur Radio Dealers Pages on Internet
Amateur Radio Equipment and Accessories
Amateur Radio Internet Shopper: ADS and links to Dealers
Amidon Associates - Toroid Supplier
Amidon Technical Reference
Angle Linear - Preamps, RF engineering, and more.
Antenna Specialists - Antenna Manufacturer
Antenna manufacturer
Artsci Publishing - Publisher of repeater guides, radio modification books, and other radio related materials.
Associated Radio - Overland Park, KS.
Atlantic Ham Radio - Canadian Amateur Radio Dealer
BMG Engineering - Radio Direction Finding
BMG Engineering, Inc. - Radio direction finding information and supplies.
Bamcom, in Louisiana
Barker and Williamson Co. - yeah, just TRY ordering a B&W 5100 transmitter NOW!!
Bencher, Inc. - Manufacturer of paddles, keys, and Butternut antennas
Burghardt Amateur Center - Watertown, SD.
Burnaby Radio Communications - Canadian Amateur Radio sales
Burnaby Radio Communications Radio dealer.
C3I - Repeater accessory modules
COILCRAFT - Inductors & transformers
CRB BOOKS! Everything for the Communications Enthusiast!!
CSI - Connect Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of repeater control systems, and telephone interconnect systems.
CTI Audio, Astatic distributor
Cable X-Perts, Inc. - Wheeling, Il.
Carrier Communications - tower space and 2-way equip.(CA)
Centaur Electronics - Baluns...
Central Technologies Co. - inductors - free catalog
Code Quick - A great morse code learning tool.
Com-West Radio Systems Ltd. - Canadian Ham dealer.
Comet/NCG Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.
Communications Headquarters Inc. - New Equipment Supplier
Computer Automation Technology - Repeater controllers and accessories.
Copper Electronics - Good prices on HR2510 etc 1-800-626-6343
Cubex Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.
Cushcraft Antennas - Antenna manufacturer
D&L Antenna Supply Company
D.R. Components - IC's and Semiconductors
Dallas Semiconductor - IC manufacturer.
Davis RF Co. - Wire and cable supplier, Carlisle, MA.
Denver Amateur Radio Supply
Digi-Key Corporation - Electronics supplier
Doppler Technology - Radio Direction Finding
Down East Microwave Inc. - VHF/UHF/SHF Equipment and Parts.
Dunestar Systems - RF filters, antenna switching and coupling phasing devices.
Durham Radio Sales and Service
Eimac - RF power tube manufacturer
Electronix Express - electronic components test equipment tools
Eureka Comm-tronics - 2-way Radio gear
FF Systems - High-end Repeater controllers
Force 12 Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.
Frontier Electronics USA - Inductors, RF coils, transformers etc.
G&G Communications, complete list of crystals for sale
Gap Antenna Products, Inc. - Antenna manufacturer.
Glen Martin Engineering - Tower manufacturer.
Greenlee Textron - punches etc.
Grove Enterprises - Receiver and Scanner sales.
HF Antennas
Hal Communications Corp. - Data communications products.
Ham Radio OnLine Magazine Commercial Resource List
Ham Radio Outlet - Danville, CA.
Ham Radio Outlet - Used, consignment and Demo
Ham Radio Outlet / California
Ham Radio Outlet's new product pages
Ham Station - Evansville, IL.
Ham Station - Indiana dealer
Ham Supplies / Appleton City, MO.
HamTrader - Amateur Radio Swap & Shop
Hamtronics - VHF/UHF radio equipment.
HandiLinks To Amateur Radio & Equipment Great sites.
Heil Sound - Microphones, headsets, and accessories
Hewlett Packard
High Sierra Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.
Hobby tool mailorder company
Hooray Crystal Co. USA
Hy-Gain Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.
ICOM America, Incorporated - Radio manufacturer.
IIX Equipment Ltd. - Tower accessories.
Industrial Metal Supply Co. - Aluminum and metals supplier, Southern California.
International Crystal Manufacturing
International Radio - Crystal filter supplier.
JPS Communications, Inc. - Communications accessories.
JUN'S Electronics Home Page - Culver City, CA
JWO Services - Books, software & videos
Jade Products
Jameco in Belmont, CA mostly solid state parts
Javiation Home Page - HF, VHF & UHF Communications Receivers
Julius Jones, W2IHY - Audio EQ kit for microphones
Just In Time IC-s in Fremont, CA
KCOMM, Inc. - San Antonio, TX - Ham Gear Serviced and Sold.
Kachina Communcations Inc. - Radio manufacturer. (Check out the new computer controlled HF tranceiver!)
Kanga Products US - Kits, and more.
Kantronics Co., Inc. - TNC manufacturer.
Kentrol HomePage - PC control of Kenwood radios.
Kenwood Communications Corporation - Radio manufacturer.
LDG Electronics - Automatic antenna tuners etc.
LZ Engineering - DVP (Digital Voice Processor) for K1EA's CT
Lakeview Company - Hamstick antenna
Larsen Electronics - Antennas and accessories.
Les Produits Electroniques ELKEL Ltee - Canadian ham dealer.
Link Communications, Inc. - Repeater and link control systems.
Lowe Electronics Limited - U.K. Radio sales.
M2 Antennas - Antennas and accessories.
MANUALS PLUS CO. Test equipment manuals
MFJ Enterprises, Inc. - Lots of radio products.
Maha Communcations - Batteries, amps, and accessories.
Maverick Communications - Colorado ham dealer.
Max-Gain Systems, Inc. - Fiberglass products, Marietta, GA.
Mectronic Buyers Directory: Free Parts look-up
Metal & Cable Corp., Inc. - Metal and cable supplier, Twinsburg, OH.
Molex Incorporated - Connector manufacturer.
Mosley Electronics - Great Antennas.
Muir Communications Ltd. - Victoria B.C. Ham Dealer
Multicomm 2000 in St. Neots
Myers Communications Antennas for HF
N5GE Software - Ham Radio Software
NEW Hy-Gain Factory Direct Web Page
NEWARK Electronics. Chassis punches & other great stuff
National Electronics
Naval Electronics - HT accessories, amplifiers, etc.
Nemal Electronics International - connectors and cables
Norham Radio - Canadian Amateur Radio Dealer - Toronto.
Nye Vyking Products - Antenna tuners, filters, and accessories.
OHMITE Co. send for free catalogs on-line!
Oak Hills Research - Tranceiver kits and accessories
Optoelectronics - Frequency counters, and more.
Other Waters & Stanton site
PacComm Packet Radio - Packet radio systems.
PerCon - Provider of FCC related database CDROM products
Periphex Batteries - Battery supplier.
PolyPhaser Corporation - Lightning protection products.
Propagation Station
QRO Technologies - Amplifier manufacturer.
R & L Electronics Co. Hamilton, OH
R.F. Inquiry, rfi filters (Japan)
R.L. Drake - Amateur radio manufacturer.
RF Applications, Inc. - RF power and VSWR indicators.
RF Components Inc. - Miami FL dealer
RF Connection - Connectors and coax.
RING!Trading Station - Ham Radio Worldwide Classifieds
RM Electronics - Lightning and surge protection.
RSGB's list of Manufacturers
RST Engineering - Kits for Aviation & Communications
Radio Adventures Corp. - Amateur Radio kits.
Radio City, Inc. - Minnesota.
Radio Control Systems, Inc. - Products for Amateur Radio
Radio Control Systems, Inc.
Radio Devices catalog
Radio Electric Supply - specializing in vacuum tubes.
Radio Progressive Montreal Inc. - Ham Dealer
Radio and Computer Sales and Service
Radiosales: A dealer in England sells Yaesu etc.
Ramsey Electronics kits etc.
Ray Sarrio Co. Catalog and Ham opinion poll
Raymond Sarrio CompanyManuals, radios etc.
Richardson Elecronics, Ltd. - Electronics supplier, La Fox, IL.
Rohn Products - Towers and accessories.
Ross Distributing Company - Preston, ID.
Rotor Doctor - Rotators, parts, and service, Pemberville, OH.
S-COM Industries - repeater controllers and autopatches
SGC, Inc. - Radio manufacturer.
SHF Microwave Parts Co.
SSB Electronic USA - VHF/UHF/SHF Equipment and Parts.
Sentry Manufacturing Co. - Crystals
Shoestring Antennas - Quad and wire antenna manufacturer.
Sioux Falls Tower Specialists
Solder-it Company - Soldering supplies.
Sommer Antennas - Antenna manufacturer
Special Communications Systems
Standard Amateur Radio Products - Radio Manufacturer.
Storm Products - Cables/Coax
Surplus Sales of Nebraska - Surplus electronics supplier, Omaha, NE.
Svetlana Products - RF tube manufacturer.
TEN-TEC Home Page - Radio manufacturer.
TUCKER Electronics - New and Reconditioned Test Equipment.
Tadiran Battery Co. Lithium batteries etc.
Tech America
Techlock Distributing - Microwave and RF Components.
Texas Towers - Plano, TX.
The Authorized Grundig receiver Store (Canada)
The Radio Place - Amateur Equipment Supplier
The Wireman Inc.
Tigertronics Inc - mini-TNC's for Packet and multimode
Times Microwave Systems - Low Loss Coax Cable, Connectors, and Assemblies
Timewave Technology - DSP filters, TNCs and other accessories.
Top Ten Devices, Inc. - Band data decoders and antenna switching systems.
Toroid Corporation of Maryland - free catalog
Tri-Ex Tower Corporation - Towers
Trylon-TSF designs, engineers, fabricates and installs towers
US Tower Corp. - Tower Manufacturer.
Unified Microsystems - Manufactures the W9XT Contest Card
Universal Radio, Inc. - Reynoldsburg, OH.
VHF/UHF repeaters and equipment
VITE Crystals Co. - crystals & clock oscillators - free catalog
Vectronics - Radio accessories.
Vertex Radio Communications - Commercial radio products
Vibroplex - Bugs, keys, and more.
W & W Associates
W9GR DSP Filters & Kits
W9XT Contest Card - Voice keyer and CW interface
Waters & Stanton U.K.
Wenzel Co. Crystal Oscillators & RF modules
Wire antennas, baluns, line isolators
Yaesu Japan - Amateur radio products.
Yaesu UK - Amateur radio products.
Yaesu USA - Amateur radio products
Yaesu USA home page
ZJ Electronics

Amateur Radio News

Amateur Radio Trader
Amateur Radio World
CQ Contest Magazine On Line
CQ - Radio Amateur's Journal
CQ VHF - Ham Radio Above 50 MHz
Electronic Experimenter's Journal
Ham News Groups
Ham Radio Online - magazine
Horizon House Homepage - online radio info. plus bookstore
Jim's GAZETTE, the electronic magazine for digital amateurs
Monitoring Times Magazine
Newsline Archive
Nuts & Volts Magazine many sources here too!
R.A.I.N Report
SearchLites - Quarterly journal of The SETI League
Skip - Cyberham
Space News - Hamsat e-mail newsletter

Amateur Slow Scan Television

BATC - British Amateur Television Club
G0ITP - The Home of Slow Scan Television
Handbook - John Langner's "SSTV Handbook."
JASTA - Japan Amateur SlowScan Television Association
MSCAN - SSTV Software from Holland
ProsKan - SSTV Software from ProsKan
SSTV Faqs - Frequently Asked Questions about SSTV
TUCCOMM - Slow Scan TV Interface
WIN95/NT - SSTV for Windows 95/NT

Amateur Fast Scan Telvision
AATV - Arizona Amateurs on TV
AATG - Atlanta Georgia ATV Group
ATVQ - Amateur Television Quarterly
BATC - British Amateur Television Club
BMATV - Black Mountain California ATV
BVDS - Blue Ridge Video and Digital Society
BRATS - Baltimore Amateur Radio Amateur Television
BATRS - Brookdale Amateur Television Repeater System
TATN - The Amateur Television Network
HATS - Houston Amateur Television Society
KATV - Keystone VHF Club
N2BQV - Fast Scan Amateur Television
OATCO - Amateur Television in Central Ohio
UATV - Utah ATV Home Page
W6ORG - PC Electronics - Amateur Television Equipment
WA6ZJG - ATV in the San Francisco Bay Area
WB9NEQ - Airborne ATV Project

Amateur Software & More
CT Logging Software
DX4WIN software
DXtreme Software
Go List
HAMshack Software for Windows
Log Plus
LOGic Logging Software
LogSat for Windows
N6TR Contest Logging Software
Pacific Sierra
SKYCOM Propagation Prediction Software
Super-Duper Contest Logging Software
TR Contest Logging Software
WF1B RTTY Contest Logging Software
Digi-Key Corp.
MOUSER Electronics
N4DA Radio Repair
Nemal Electronics International
Norm's Rotor Service
Peter W. Dahl Co.
PolyPhaser Corp.
Pro Prints
QSLs by WX9X
Svetlana Products
The DX Place QRZ DX and DX Magazine
Top Ten Devices, Inc.
Triton Power Tubes
W9XT Contest Card
WF5E QSL Service

DF Information
Radio Direction Finding Doppler System

A.G. Tannenbaum Co., Ambler, PA - parts, Manuals etc.
AM transmitter schematics (circuit diagrams) for the 550-1700 kHz MW band!
Alex's Electronic Test Bench
Audio amp schematics etc.
Audiolab of Georgia - many parts and free NTE Cross-reference software
Chris Williams, Circuits and files
Crystal Set Society - ideas and resources!
DANA'S Index of Electronic Mfrs (mirror site)
DC Tech - Test Equipment
DTMF (Touchtone) Windows software and DTMF LINKS
Dan's Small Parts: Catalog on-line
Dave Hockaday's parts for sale: tubes, xfmrs etc.
Dez Woods' site in England - xtals etc.
Don Simon, W5JPD - company web page with complete ECG Cross-reference on-line!!
Donald Klipstein's electronic parts for sale
EZNEC and ELNEC antenna analysis software by Roy Lewallen, W7EL
Euro-american components equivalents!
Free Download: WinDraft from Ivex, schematics (Add tube symbols etc. too)
Gerald Cluff, W7CKW - parts & supplies
Ham Radio Files for homebrewers etc. etc
Harry's Homebrew Projects On-line, by SM0VPO (mirror site)
Harry's Homebrew Projects On-line, by SM0VPO
How to build a simple AD9850 DDS system, by Leon Heller, G1HSM
IC Chip Directory
Jim Potter's page
John Okolowicz: Grill Cloth Supplier
Just In Time Crystals For Sale list
K0JD - Projects
K0JD's R2/T2 page - info. on KK7B modules.
Kilovac Vacuum Relays!
LDG Electronics - 68HC11 based KITS
N9SBV's Ham Radio Connection Software, New Ham Info. homebrewing etc.
Neil, WK9Q of Radio Recyclers has a ton of parts FS
New RF Parts for sale by Bruce, WB9ANQ
One-electron's web site transformers etc.
PREM Magnetics - Power Transformers from Illinois
Pageco Crystals by Tony Tarley
Penn State Component Database
Plans for the Optimist-80m DSB 1 watt TX by SM6LKM
QEX - the ARRL Experimenters Exchange
RA0FF Contest Page
Radio World (UK)
Resistor Color Codes-3
Resistor Colour Codes-2
Resistor calculator
Resistor colour codes-1
SESCOM Co. - supplier of cabinets and audio transformers
SK-series Corss-reference online
Sentry Crystal Co. info page
Sowter Transformers for Tube audio (UK)
Speaker design web-site #2
Speaker design web-site #4
Steve, K1EL's keyer based on a PIC microcomputer IC
TUNEKIT program for Windows. Design coils etc.
Taboret Home Page - Home Brewing Ham Radio
TeCal Corporation - Components, such as inductors & capacitors - free catalog
Tech Bench Elmers ARS - R&D newsletter
Teletronix LA2-A schematic possibly more
The Hackers Home Page
Thordarson-Meissner Inc. - Transformers and inductors etc. made to order.
VE2GMI: LINKS to Motorola & other mfrs. for specs
Vintage Radio Kit Co.
W8EDU - Projects
WE6W - St. Louis Vertical Antenna project
Web site with links to over 975 electronic component manufacturers
Where to buy CRYSTALS!!
WinTone 1.51 - DTMF Decoder/Scanner Monitor software for
sci.electronics FAQ - listing parts and repair places


ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau
ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau
Digital QSL Cards at QRZ!
Doc's QSL Card Shop
F5JTL/WX3W DXpedition QSLs
FDS Graphics - QSL cards worldwide.
James Mackey DX Stamp Service
K3UOC QSL Gallery
K3ZL QSL Cards
IARU QSL Bureau addresses
Olympic Card Company
QSL page
Royal QSL Cards
W7HR QSL Card Gallery
WX9X Quality QSL Cards

Morse Code
Bug Stories by N0TFI
CW Easy(!) Hypnotic
Code Quick - A morse code learning tool
Fastest way to master Morse Code
Ham University (learn CW & theory)
History of the Canadian Railway Telegraph
Introduction to Morse Code
Llaves Telegraficas Artesanas (Craftsman's Morse Keys) a Spanish manufacturer of hand made Keys.
Morse 2000
Morse Code Deciphered - includes an online tutorial
Morse Code Translator
Morsum Magnificat is a bimonthly journal for all Morse enthusiasts
NuMorse/NuTest for Windows code trainers
Society of Wireless Pioneers
Telegraph & Scientific Instrument Cyber-museum
Vibroplex Collector's Page
W0UI's Key Pictures
Whiterook Products Co. - Keys, Paddles, and other Ham accessories

USA Today
Miami Herald

Testing Information
Gordon West Radio School
New England Exams Listing
W5YI Group
W5YI-VEC Puerto Rico Team

Packet Information
"Introduction To Packet Radio" & BBS Information
APRS Software (MacAPRS/WinAPRS)
ATHNET - Athens Greece Packet Radio Internetworking Group
Atlanta Area APRS Home Page
California APRS home page
Carolina Digital Coordination Council
Colorado Digital Working Group
EJ1BBS Internet Services Packet Radio HAM-WWW mirror site
Everything about Packet Radio
F6FBB - Home Page For F6FBB Software
First Coast Amateur Digital Association
FlexNet Home Page - Soundcard based packet network system.
Florida Amateur Digital Communication Association
Indiana Digital Experimenter's Association (IDEA)
MTL/WQC Montreal Amateur Packet Radio Network
NB6Z's Homepage - HF digital mode ham radio
Packet Association of Western New York
Packet Radio Networking
Packet Radio User's Group, Japan
Packet and Stuff
Radio-TNC Wiring Diagrams Index
SRQLAN ( Sarasota Local Area Network )
TNOS Central - TCP/IP NOS software.
Washington Experimentors TCP/IP Network
Wide World Of Packet Radio by KA4BYP

Practice Exams 
AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Page
Ham Exam - Practice Exam Generator By W5AC

Radio Modification
Alinco - Mods for Alinco Radios
AOR - Mods for AOR Scanners
Heathkit - Mods for Heathkit Radio
Icom - Mods for Icom Radios
Kantronics - Mods for Kantronics TNC's
Kenwood - Mods for Kenwood Radios
Misc - Miscellaneous Mods
Motorola - Mods for Motorola Radios
Radio Mods - Miscellaneous Mods
Ramsey - Mods for Ramsey Kits
RCI - Mods for Ranger Radios
Scanner Modification And Information
Sony - Mods for Sony Recievers
Standard - Mods for Standard Radios
Tandy - Mods for Radio Shack Radios
Uniden - Mods for Uniden Scanners
Yaesu - Mods for Yaesu Radio
More Mods - Mods from the QRZ CD-ROM

Satellite Information

Sarex- Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
Sarex Information
Satellite Line- Choose, View or Input
Amsat - Amateur Satellite Home Page
Astronomy Page
Geostationary Satellites
Virtual Space Stations At MSNBC


A State by State list of Frequencies
AOR Home page
Computer aided Scanning
LAPD Radio
Peter Laws Scanner Page
Scanner Club
Scanner Master
Stupid Scanner Tricks
Trunked Radio Systems
Uniden/Bearcat Scanners

South Florida TV Stations
WPBT Channel 2    PBS Miami
WFOR Channel4     CBS Miami
WPTV Channel 5     NBC West Palm Beach
WTVJ  Channel 6     NBC Miami
WSVN Channel 7     Fox Miami
WPLG  Channel 10   ABC Miami 
WLRN  Channel 17   PBS Miami

South Florida Radio Stations
Winz News Radio

Current Times
National Institute of Standards and Time
Synchronize your PC with NIST's clock
Time Services Department(US Naval Observatory)
Time from the US Naval Observatory Master Clock