Special Audio Message

My Original Tower Installation

4 element Maco Yagi

11 Meter Station

72' Rohn 25 Tower MACO M104 4-Element Yagi
Rotor and Controller CD-45 Hy-Gain
Main Radio Base Station 40 Channel Uniden Washington
3- Stage Solid State Linear Amplifier Low-100W Med-150W High-300W
Microphones Astatic D-104 and Turner+2 Deskmikes
Accessory Dosy TC-4001 Meter
Mobile/Base Backup Station 40 Channel Galaxy Pluto
Power Supply Pyramid PS-26

Station Call Sign: KNN 3496

"Unit 182" Station Designation (Handle)

More power!!

Getting my 'ham ticket' in April of 2000 gave me more LEGAL power!

Special Audio Message

Second Tower Installation

Dual-Band Yagi

Dual-Band Ham Station

40' Rohn 25 Tower

Cushcraft Dual-Band Yagi (Vertical mounted)

Icom 207-H 2m/70cm Mobile Unit

Pyramid 25 Amp Power Supply

Station: KG4HKY

The Ham Shack Poem

Amateur Radio Service License Classes

Technician Class (35 Question Exam)
Question pool from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2026

General Class (35 Question Exam)
Question pool from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2023

Extra Class (50 Question Exam)
Question pool from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2024

ARRL License Study Guides

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Technician HF Privileges

Letter Pronunciation Letter Pronunciation Number Pronunciation
A Alpha (AL fah) N November (no VEM ber) 0 ZEE row
B Bravo (BRAH VOH) O Oscar (OSS cah) 1 WUN
C Charlie (CHAR lee) P Papa (pah PAH) 2 TOO
D Delta (DELL tah) Q Quebec (keh BECK) 3 TREE
E Echo (ECK oh) R Romeo (ROW me oh) 4 FOW er
F Foxtrot (FOKS trot) S Sierra (see AIR rah) 5 FIFE
G Golf (GOLF) T Tango (TANG go) 6 SIX
H Hotel (hoh TELL) U Uniform (YOU nee form) 7 SEVEN
I India (IN dee ah) V Victor (VIK tah) 8 AIT
J Juliet (JEW lee ETT) W Whiskey (WISS key) 9 NINE er
K Kilo (KEY loh) X X Ray (ECKS RAY)
L Lima (LEE mah) Y Yankee (YANG key)
M Mike (MIKE) Z Zulu (ZOO loo)