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Update as of January 2, 2024:

Unaccounted for stands at 1,577

Vietnam = 1,237 ; Laos = 285 ; Cambodia = 48 ;

and the Peoples Republic of China territorial waters = 7

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Proud Member

Proud Member

Basic Training

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Basic Combat Training & AIT*

*MOS 51R20 (Electrician)

Group Photo

^That's me 4th from left on back row in above pic!^

Unit CrestEngineers Insignia

Co D 46th Engr Bn Specialist Fourth Class E-4

Fort Mc Clellan Pics (From internet search)

Outside Main Gate Baltzell Gate Baltzell Gate Summerall Gate Fire Station Old Barracks Old Barracks

Army Ranks & Insignia

Military.Com Profile

During High School days...

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Number Our Days?
Number Our Days?