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Fessenden Amateur Radio Society Repeater Information Page.

The Fessenden Amateur Radio Society operates four repeater systems on Hatteras, Bodie and Ocracoke Islands. Our goal is to provide the most extensive hand held coverage from Oregon Inlet to Ocracoke Village. This is accomplished by a network of repeaters and remote bases.

During your stay on Hatteras or Ocracoke Islands you can access any of the repeaters by using the below list

Fessenden Amateur Radio Society Operates Four Repeater Systems.

The "Mother Ship" of our system is the 145.150 pl 131.8 repeater in Buxton, located at the Power Company on a 170' tower. It is connected via UHF to the Columbia Emergency Repeater System (CERA) backbone.

145.150 has an open autopatch and remote UHF receivers and transmitters located in:
Hatteras Village (444.725 pl 203.5)
Waves-Salvo-Rodanthe (444.325 pl 131.8)
Ocracoke Island (444.225 pl 131.8)

Co-located on the Power Company tower is the 444.925 pl 131.8 machine. This is our full time ECHOLINK node,
number 2003.
In the summer of 2003 we becane the proud owners of the 146.625 pl 131.8 machine. This is located on the US CELL tower in Buxton at 300 feet.
We also maintain a network of "remote base stations", which allow portable coverage from the lower four villages to repeaters normally only available via a base station or good mobile.
The 444.625 pl 71.9 machine is a "Full Duplex" frequency agile "Repeater" that is almost almost always connected to 146.835 in Columbia.
The 442.625 pl 71.9 is a half duplex, low power link to 145.290 on Bodie Island.
The 443.625 pl 71.9 machine is used to control the ATV camera at Mirlo Beach in Rodanthe.
And now and then we will use 147.150 pl 131.8 to keep an ear on ECHOLINK node 2014 also up on Bodie Island/South Nags Head
We gave up on the Six Meter Repeater dream for this year.
Next, we operate an APRS Weather Station in Rodanthe. We hope to build three more in:
Hatteras Village
Ocracoke Village

They can be found on 144.390 APRS, or through the Internet at...http:/www.findu.com ask for K4OBX in the search area. If you like Packet Radio, we have three digital "nodes": In Buxton we have HATTERS, WA4VTX-5 145.7100, along with it's tied together cuz, DARE, K4USB-4 With this low speed digital network we can connect to Elizabeth City's extensive packet system, or on through to Raleigh and to the NC State Emergency Operations Center. Speaking of South Nags Head/Bodie Island. We have three repeaters operating fron the US Navy tower. They are:
145.290 pl 131.8 (Stand alone)
444.825 pl 131.8 (ECHOLINK full time node 2014). These are Fessenden ARS Repeaters.
146.940 pl 131.8 (Fessenden ARS maintains this repeater for OBRA

To Recap

145.150 pl 131.8 Buxton is linked full time to:
444.325 pl 131.8 Rodanthe Fire Department - 5 watts, local Tri villages. 444.725 pl 203.5 Hatteras Village covers Frisco through Ocracoke N. 444.225 pl 131.8 Ocracoke Village covers NPS campground to Portsmouth Island. 146.625 pl 131.8 not linked at this time to anything! 444.925 pl 131.8 Buxton UHF ECHOLINK node 2003. 444.625 pl 131.8 Buxton UHF to VHF Remote base.
Up Bodie/South Nags Head way, there is:
145.290 pl 131.8 A nice wide coverage machine not linked to anything.
444.825 pl 131.8 Which is our ECHOLINK node 2014. 146.940 pl 131.8 An OBRA repeater we take care of.

On the 145.150 pl 131.8 backbone link.

On the 145.15 Machine, if you want to connect to the Columbia Backbone - Dial 152 that links
us to the backbone. 150 brings it down.
From there you will be connected to the UNC Microwave in Columbia and directly to Columbia 443.300 and Williamston 442.250 machines. This forms the "BACKBONE" of the CERA link system.

Codes to link to other repeaters.

11 up 10 Down Columbia, NC 146.835
21 up 20 Down Rocky Mount, NC 147.120
41 up 40 Down Williamston, NC 145.210
942 up 941 Down South Nags Head, NC 146.940
91 up 90 Down Ahoskie, NC 146.910
731 up 730 Down Franklin, Va 147.300
71 up 70 Down Farmvile, NC 147.710
55 up 50 Down Elizabeth City, NC 145.655
4451 up 4450 Down Elizabeth City, 444.300
4431 up 4430 Down Willmington, NC 443.000 (Delco)
152 up 150 Down Are used on our side to take us off the backbone. DON'T FORGET

If you have any Questions on any of the above Linking Procedures you can:

Richard Marlin K4HAT
Randy Jordan W4HAT

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