Welcome to the Chestnut Ridge
Amateur Radio Club.

The Chestnut Ridge Amateur Radio Club, Inc. owns and operates the Derry, PA repeater ( W3CRC ), operating on a frequency of 144.55 / 145.15 MHz and supports the 447.275 / 442.275 MHz, repeater ( KE3PO ) located on top of the Chestnut Ridge in Derry, PA Westmoreland County.

These two machines are the primary repeaters for the Westmoreland County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. The 145.15 machine is the primary National Weather Service Skywarn repeater for the county. The 442.275 machine is the hub repeater which will eventually link all of the primary two-meter machines together from all the counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The club also plays host to the Westmoreland County Public Service Net which meets every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM on 145.15

These are very active repeaters; not only because of their relationship with public safety and the NWS, but also because they are high profile, wide area coverage machines that service the entire amateur radio community of Westmoreland and surrounding counties.

Please join us every Wednesday evening at 2000 local for the Westmoreland County ARES net on the 145.15- Derry repeater, all are welcome !
PL 131.8



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The CRARC has moved it meeting site to the Westmoreland County Airport. The meeting will be held in the board room of the main terminal. Meeting start time is 1900 Hours local time, and is open to all.

Mail Applications and Correspondence to:

The Chestnut Ridge Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 175

Loyalhanna, PA 15661-0175

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