Welcome to My Web Site. My name is Jerry and my call sign is N3SEI. I hope you find these pages interesting, informative and entertaining. If you have any suggestions please feel free to E-Mail them to [email protected]. I have a lot of varied interests as you will see on the following pages. My motto is "So many things to do, so little time". I am active in several volunteer organizations and belong to four different Amateur Radio Clubs. I have been associated with electronics for over 38 years. I started my interests in the electronics field with my father. He used to bring home radio's and T.V.'s to repair for extra money. He served as a Radioman in the Navy during WWII and took a job as a Milkman with a local dairy after he got out of the service. One day I followed him down to the basement to see what magic he performed down there. He took the time to explain the answers to all of my questions when ever I asked them. He was my first "Elmer". He never got a HAM license even though he was a very proficient CW operator and had a good background in electronics. He told me that the bills had to be paid first and then if there was any money left maybe he would get a HAM radio. Well, the bills got paid, my two brothers, my sister and myself sure had a lot of toys. My father passed away several years ago and never did get his HAM radio. It is with this in mind I dedicate this WEB Site to him...... By the way, I am not the green one.....

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Claud Edward Truax

"The Best Elmer A Kid Could Ever Have"

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