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Homebrew Projects:
- Everything you need to know to build you own repeater.
- 10 Watt 2m CW Transmitter By: EI9GQ
- 2m to 10m Receiver By: EI9GQ
- A PIC, iambic Keyer By: EI9GQ

- A shortened 40 Meter Antenna By:GM4JMU
- Real nice Verticle Antenna By: G3PTO

- 50mhz, 6 Element Yagi Antenna By: G3PTO

- 2 meter 6/9 Element VHF Yagi by: ON1DKT
- Great set of Brass Qrp Paddles
- 23 Cm Wide Band Packet Transciever by: PE1JPD
- 70cm and 23 CN Wide Band FM Tranceiver

- A great Value, and a challenge to build.
- THE SIMPLEST Power Supply by: SM0VPO

- How to Charge NiCad Batteries
- Great Value, use this with the Cigar Box Receiver.
- A VHF Directional antenna with deep notch by: SMOVPO
- Save some money and build your own by: SMOVPO
- Make your own Baluns