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I am a third generation Ham. My grandfather Theodore W. Klingel and his brother Felix Klingel started out in ham radio back in the 1920's. Back then there was no FCC therefore no call letters. Also there was only CW (morse code) everybody knew you by your initials and your fist (the way you sent CW). When the FCC came around their station call was W8AUU. Back then New York was in the 8 region. When New York changed to a 2 region their call changed to W2AUU. My mother now holds that call. Things were much different back then, you could not go down to a electronics store and purchase a radio, you had to build your own. Here is a picture of my grandfathers ham shack (Radio room).

In the late 70's my mother and father got their ham licenses. they were WB2FVI (my mother) and WA2EOM (my father). My father then upgraded to a general class license and changed his call to KA3EBF. Then when he upgraded to an advanced class license he changed his call again to KB3WC which he still holds today. My mother just recently changed her call to W2AUU (her fathers old call). My father has an advanced class license and my mother has a general class license.

Then in 1979 I got my first call KA3GGR. When I upgraded to a technician class license I changed my call to N3DNO and kept it when I upgraded to a general class license which I still hold today. Someday I hope to change my call to W8AUU My grandfathers first call, but for now I can not because it is still taken. My brother Ted also has a ham license KB2ADT but he is inactive in ham radio. His first call was KA3LQP which he got when we lived in Pittsburge Pa. Hopefully my son Jimmy will someday be able to get his ham license too and be a forth generation ham.
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