When I decided to chase DX on six meters I had the notion that it would be relatively easy - wait for the band to open and point the antenna on the great circle path to the area I wanted to talk to. Make sense? Well, here in grid FM18, on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, all that often did was lead to a lot of frustration. The band is not that simple. Es clouds and F2 hotspots don't often line up in a manner favorable to me. Six may be open, but it is usually open to somewhere else, right? Well, in case you haven't discovered it yet for yourself, we don't always have to settle for this. Instead of sitting idly by dreaming about that retirement villa at an appropriate geomagnetic latitude, blow the dust off the rotor controls and try to tap into available propagation by exploring unconventional paths. Regardless of propagation mode some spectacular DX can result. I have outlined and mapped below some paths that have worked for me, as well as a few I and others think might exist from time to time. Try them on ocassion, and remember there are likely quite a few others waiting to be discovered.
  • East Coast to Europe & Middle East beaming South America
  • South American Skew From Other Perspectives
  • Europe & the Mediterranean beaming North Africa
  • Central America & South America
  • Alaska beaming due North
  • Acute Skew on Es
  • Japan & the Pacific beaming KH6
  • Longpath to JA
  • Other Possible JA Paths
  • Grand Cayman & Other Caribbean Paths

        Great circle maps made with Roger Hedin's GCMwin & PC Paintbrush. Geomagnetic mercator map courtesy of USGS, but I may have this one wrong as I downloaded it months ago, screwed up & lost the link (it was hard to find too). Please correct me at [email protected] Otherwise unattributed text on this page and on all on-site links to this page Copyright 2002 David H. Craig, but freely useable for non-commercial purposes provided credit given, or for commercial purposes with prior arrangements for credit & a cut. Thanks also to W6OAL, W4MW & K2RTH for sharing their experience and knowledge with me, and to K3TKJ for the webspace to put this on. Any screwups are entirely my fault. If you find any, or I missed another path you have used that might be useful to the 6 meter gang anywhere in the world please let me know about it. Comments and criticisms are always welcome.